Activities Held in the Month of November 2016 @ Pon Vidyashram, Velachery, Chennai
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Author: Pon Vidyashram, Velachery, Chennai


Inter School Bhagavad Gita competition was held on 18.11.2016. Students from Pre-KG to Std. X participated and proved themselves by winning many awards.


A fruit salad is a perfect blend of various natural fruits and vegetables and has multiple imperative properties that make it a must with every meal. It is also a common appetizer and the best way to prevent diseases and enhance health factors. Taking this into account, we celebrated Fruit Salad Day” for our Pre-KG kids, and taught them the importance of eating fruits and saying “NO” to junk foods.


To make the children aware of colours, the Kindergarten section of Apex Pon Vidyashram celebrated a 5-day “Colour Week” from 7–11 November 2016. The children wore the colour of the day. They were provided with different kinds of paper-cutting objects and paintings. Students were made aware of different colours. Happy Colour Week!


We believe that strides of science and technology alone can liberate our motherland in the modern world and therefore we strive quietly to construct a scientific and creative attitude among the young minds. Preparing the exhibits was an exhilarating experience for the children and teachers.


On account of National Constitution Day [26.11.2016], we, Apex Pon Vidyashram, Velachery, conducted following events on our school premises.

The preamble and fundamental duties were read aloud in the School Assembly. A constitutional quiz was conducted for classes VI-IX followed by an essay-writing contest on the topic “Evolution of Constitution”, and a speech competition on the topic “Importance of Celebrating the National Constitutional Day”.

The students took part enthusiastically.

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    Good job done by the whole school..

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