Activities Held in the Month of October 2016 @ Pon Vidyashram, Velachery, Chennai
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Author: Pon Vidyashram, Velachery, Chennai


Elocution refers to the manner of speaking, specifically the skill of clear and expressive speech. The students of Classes 1 & 2 were made to speak on the given topics. They delivered their speech very well. It was an oral expression of ideas and opinions said in a way that is effective and socially acceptable.

Kindergarten kids participated in story telling competitions and spoke for more than 2 minutes each.


An education should involve teaching life skills that pupils will carry with them after school. “Fearless Fire Drill” is a revolutionary program. We, at Apex Pon Vidyashram, are thrilled to be providing our children with a means to learn this life skill. Our students performed the fire safety procedures, thanks to Mr. Muthukumar, the trainer who guided us.


Diwali—the festival of lights—was celebrated with joy & happiness in our school. Kindergarten children did different activities like diya (oil lamp) decoration and greeting card-making. Students of classes 1, 2, and 3 made greeting cards and performed dance, music and speech on Diwali. The day aroused festive mood and it was a happy celebration.


Bommai Kolu is a doll-and-figurine display festival celebrated during the festival of Navarathri in Tamil Nadu. Apex Pon Vidyashram kindergarten children and teachers have set up and displayed Kolu with depictions from puranas and social occupation. Navarathri celebration has a distinct flavor, symbolizing victory of positivity over negativity. We at Apex Pon Vidyashram celebrated the occasion to establish the importance of goodness with joyous participation.


Quiz is a form of game or mind sport in which the children attempt to answer questions correctly. It requires the habit of gaining knowledge about current affairs, past history, sports and G.K. We conducted quiz competition from KG through X Std. Oh! What a surprise that the students were well prepared and equally competent. Keep it up dear Pon Kids!


Children participated in Mom and Child show conducted by The Hindu. The children made posters and spread the message that cleanliness brings healthy environment and keeps away disease-causing insects.


Aadhav of UKG-D participated in State-level competition in Under-9 category and secured 7th place.
Surya V of VII-B participated in the 1ST Tamil Nadu State Field Indoor Archery Championship in Under-14 category and won the Silver Medal.
Shruthi of VII-B participated in State-level Skating Competition and won the Silver Medal and two Bronze Medals.
Bhavesh of VI-B secured 12th place in State-level Chess Competition.
Tanuja of Std. V secured 7th place in State-level Chess Competition.
Dhakkshesh of Std. V secured 3rd prize in State-level Karate Competition (Senior Level).
Pawan of Std. IV secured 2nd Place in State-level Karate Competition.

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Comments (7)


    Subramanian says:

    Food salad day good thought.

    Likewise suggest to hv a breakfast session immediately after the prayer for 20 minutes and skip snack time.

    Children start early and skip breakfast.

    Breakfast helps them stay energetic

    Kavitha says:

    Congratulations to all the winners

    Rajeswari says:

    Congrats to all achievers.. Keep Rocking…

    Banushri says:

    happy to see all :)

    Sheik Muzaminil Fiaz says:

    Happy to see… most useful activities apart from theory ..

    Congratulation Kids

    Shankar.m says:

    Congrats to all the Achievers :)

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