Battle of the Spheres… Book Review by ​S.D. Jawahar Michael, for his 15-year-old daughter Melita Tessy’s book
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Author: S.D. Jawahar Michael, father of Melita Tessy, Chennai

Title Battle of the Spheres
Subtitle Crust, Mantle and Core
Target audience 11+
Fiction type Fantasy
Theme Friendship, Bravery and Sacrifice set on the backdrop of Ecology. A war waged, so that the earth can exist
Price Rs. 280
Author Melita Tessy, Child Author, Chennai

Battle of the Spheres – Crust, Mantle and Core

When was the last time you read a riveting fantasy-fiction that took you to lands unknown and mythical realms you seldom knew existed?

Well, if it has been a while, here’s a book that will satisfy all your craving for a fantasy-read. Titled Battle of the Spheres, the book’s setting is around the Earth’s Core, yes, the very place that is made up of molten lava and nickel-iron alloy. The Core is home to some mysterious creatures that have inhabited there since time unknown.

The author has spun an intriguing fiction around the life of a 15-year-old girl, Jacelyn. The story picks up when Jacelyn disappears into the Earth’s Core, only to discover that she’s surrounded by creatures called Crumans. Now, the Crumans have waited long to avenge Humans for all the disasters they’ve caused and plan to use Jacelyn as a trump card to wage a war against Humans.

In the course of events, Jacelyn meets Reffin—a charming Cruman boy—and the Mantlanian princess. Together they form a league to prevent the world from destruction and earn the trust of every layer of the Earth—Crust, Mantle, and Core. With a lot of twists and turns popping up unexpectedly, the book takes you through the journey of the trio and on their quest to fulfil their mission.

But the question is: will they succeed?

Read to find out – Battle of the Spheres.

A fiction that is not a mere fantasy, but one which explores life. One which says, “If you lived a good life, you either lived to save or died to save… that which must be saved and kept. Your life would never be meaningless. Not even for a moment.”

‘Battle of the spheres’ is Melita’s debut novel, a story that she has pieced together from the time she was thirteen. A tale for all those hearts that would love an unimaginable adventure, a warm smile and a voice that screams, “You are stronger than your sufferings.”

Penned by Melita Tessy, the book is published by Notion Press and is now available to readers all over the world. The book will be available from October 17th, both in online shopping and in premium book stores.

To get the book on, click here.

Happy Reading! And don’t forget to give your reviews.


S.D. Jawahar Michael and Mrs. Amala Jawahar, parents of Melita Tessy, Chennai:

We are glad and proud to share the achievement of our daughter Melita Tessy, a Std. XI student of St. Michael’s Academy, Adyar, Chennai, in writing her own fantasy fiction at the age of 15.

Melita’s maiden novel “Battle of the Spheres” is being released this month. This book is the culmination of two years of her dedicated effort and hard work, amidst a busy academic schedule.

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    Amala says:

    Congrats Melita. Great to be publishing a novel at 15. Proud of your achievement. Best wishes to all your efforts. Keep writing.

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