Fantasy-Fiction Book written by 15-year-old Melita to release on 17 October 2016!
Posted on: October 18, 2016.

Author: S.D. Jawahar Michael and Mrs. Amala Jawahar, parents of Melita Tessy, Chennai

We are glad and proud to share the achievement of our daughter Melita Tessy, a Std. XI student of St. Michael’s Academy, Adyar, Chennai, in writing her own fantasy fiction at the age of 15.

Melita’s maiden novel “Battle of the Spheres” is being released this month. This book is the culmination of two years of her dedicated effort and hard work, amidst a busy academic schedule.

Melita used to write some poems and songs when she was in her 6th and 7th grades. She loved to sing her songs composing her own tunes. Many of them were really good and had a depth. Hence, both my wife and I encouraged her to write something every day. We also advised her to keep a journal with frequent entries about all sorts of things possible.

But we never imagined that she would write so much as to publish a novel by the beginning of her 11th grade. What started as a summer pastime after her 8th grade exams became a fantasy novel after her 10th grade holidays. She showed tremendous commitment, enthusiasm and work ethics, which was inspiring even to us. During the process, she has become a better human being, a deep thinker and a better writer.

Details about the Book:

The book will be available from 17 October 2016, both in online shopping and in premium book stores.

To get the book on click here.

Hope this will be an inspiration to the talented children and their loving parents.

Happy Reading!

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