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Author: Jaanaki, parent of Vishal Sanjay Nath, Capitol Public School, Bangalore


Games are the healthy push and attraction for children. In essence, outdoor games endeavor a true and live experience for them. Regarding games for children, this is my personal opinion: “Children derive abundant knowledge through games”.

The obvious is also what each of us would have observed—children dwell in fun and happiness while at play. Children are more active and happy at play than any other role assigned to them.

I would like to quote some FACTS and REASONS for their happiness WHILE AT PLAY, which many of us would agree—

Well, these are the reasons for their happiness because the very human persona has been designed on these lines.

It is believed that children who are active at play are agile learners and achievers.

Games help children to comprehend themselves better. Games provide a significant amount of knowledge and interest and gradually define their personality. In fact, children involved in sports enroot confidence and develop self-esteem, which helps in their overall progress, steering them towards a bright career and destiny.

Group games incite the child’s reasoning and moral development. Social and moral development is promoted as the child develops cooperation and negotiation with partners in order to play fairly. Children, when allowed to play outdoors, develop creative thinking because nature enfolds bounteous knowledge required for their nurture.

Sports and games promote a significant clover, since it endeavors a profound phenomenon of morals, ethics, principles and righteousness in the groove of children’s emotional development.

It’s hard to conclude this context in sharing my views and perspectives. However, before I end, I would like to emphasize on and share a simple phrase with all the parents. “Children learn more when they are let outdoors; only books and classrooms limit their creativity and stagnates their physical and intellectual personality”.

Hope you liked reading.

Thank you.


Ms. Jaanaki
Parent of Vishal Sanjay Nath, Capitol Public School, Bangalore
Assistant Professor
Department of E&C Engineering
School of Engineering and Technology
Jain University

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Comments (2)


    Athilakshmi Anand says:

    let we take your ideas and experience.Its good to share your thoughts among us.

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