Is your child weak in maths?
Posted on: December 2, 2016. Comments ( 30 )

Author: ​Bhuaneshwari Raghunath, parent of SBOA School & Junior College, Chennai

Many of us worry that Maths is becoming the toughest subject for our kids, don’t we? We keep wondering how to make them understand the crux of the subject in a more easy way. Even we find it difficult to understand things sometimes, don’t we?

Pupils, today, are not ready to take up challenges easily. However, they seek the means to win by hook or crook, and if they fail, they crash, never to revive. Therefore, as parents, it becomes our primary duty to find them better ways to enhance their knowledge.

I write this as a mother who is also parenting her child, and can understand how they see our world. Putting pressure on them to perform will only lead to mind stress, which doesn’t motivate them at all, which is the key to success.

Buckling under stress will only cultivate hatred towards Maths or, for that matter, any subject. The only way to keep them going, and get them involved, is to find INTERESTING ways to make them LEARN what they STUDY.

Yes. I stress upon interest, which is the best means to motivation. However, it comes only when they are able to achieve competitive levels of progression in learning. If they find it difficult, they are not going to try it again by themselves.

Insist upon mental calculation for your kids rather than depending on a calculator. Such practices effectively sharpen your kids’ mathematical skills in a brilliant way.

I wish all kids taking their examinations, all the best and good luck!

…by ​Bhuaneshwari Raghunath, Parent of S.B.O.A. School and Junior College, Chennai

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Comments (30)


    Chandrashekhar Prabhakar Kulkarni says:

    We should look for a significant alternative to online classes

    Trupti says:

    Very good article!

    Ashwin Sundar says:

    Informative Article! Continue the good work.

    Swati says:

    tell him to solve maximum sums

    Vachan Seetharam Shetty says:

    Dear Ma’am. My child is very weak in Math. Can you do something for it.

    Prasad says:

    nice sir / madam video

    Yogesh says:

    Need-of-the-hour article that is informative and significant. Thanks for posting!

    Priyanka says:

    Very good article! Essential read for all parents.

    Nilesh says:

    Dear madam,

    My daughter is in 10th this year.
    Can you please guide how can she score good marks in maths and what she needs to focus on during her regular studies.

    Thanks in advance.

    Srinivasan V says:




    Nagamani says:

    I am looking out for a good science & Maths tutor for my son who is into 10th now. I reside in saidapet , so pls suggest me around t nagar, West mambalam areas.

    Dhanalakshmi.v says:

    please give me any solution

    Nisha says:

    I agree with Subbalakshmi, that Maths is built on progressively. If the kid is not strong in the basics they may struggle or would not love the subject. Understanding the concepts is very important. We may not get result in the immediate next exam, but keep guiding the child in the correct direction so that they reap long term benefits.

    Amit says:

    Respected madam,
    Please guide us how to motivate to improve my son mathematics skill
    My mail id is

    Pritibha says:

    Hi All, I am in the education field last 15 years and do take classes at home. Yes indeed Math is a improvised by constant practice and in an interesting way so that children at very young age do not fall to the aversion group. As Parents we could make them interesting by giving them picture based activity so that when the child learns in a play way method, he/ she would definitely find math more interesting as an activity like Art or PT class rather than other boring subjects. The child would absorb more in pictures , shapes and colors better than mere pen and paper. Math is essential for Logical reasoning and aptitude development.

    I choose Cuemath for my kid in Standard I and she is excellent in solving problems , patterns and other activity … she just loves the class and does not want to skip it at all. We as parents are very excited about it. Do call me @ 9600824723 or mail me @ for any help or queries.

    M.solaimalai says:

    Encouraging kids to attempt very basic mathematics and help them, indirectly, to solve such questions. In that process make them believe that they had done successfully on their own and assist them to celebrate their small victories.
    You will see great transformation in their attitude and approach towards mathematics.
    Try it please.

    Subbalakshmi says:

    Nice article,
    Mathematics is a subject which is a progressive which means that subject matter gets built upon the previously learnt material. So when children do not have the entry level behaviour get flummoxed and cannot grasp the new material. eventually they give up.
    Anxiety in math also spreads through parents. Parents who do not consider themselves good in math spread this anxiety amongst their children.
    Lastly habit – We do not give enough time in schools for the children to learn the concept completely before moving on to the next unit. Of course that is due to administering the school system. But that is one of the main reasons for children to fall out.
    If children get praised for their effort instead of praised for getting the right answer, children would take more efforts and not feel dejected.
    I am an educationist, creator of Mathtweets, the mathematics program available on Yokibu.
    Thank you

    Padmini R says:

    There are lots of after school programs and they are global franchises in India. You can take your child for math/english skills – their methodology is based on focussing on improvement areas. They dont teach like a regular tuition center. They take the child through Math learning in small incremental steps according to the child’s needs and ability not according to what the child should be learning at such and such age in such and such class! Kumon, Eye Level Learning Center are good, to name a few in this segment…

    Kartik says:

    According to me i thought my daughter by putting her ABACUS CLASS (having abacus, finger aand vedic maths) is one option

    Giving best examples to solve problems (like being playing games like vendor shop keeper) this will help the child to motivate to do counting, addition and subtraction is other option do give

    if you guys having better options pls do share i would love to implement

    you can share the details to or +919869798994 (whatsapps no)


    Krishna Kumar P R says:

    What are the different interesting ways we can teach. Please give examples.

    Lina says:

    Ya, it is important to develop interesting methods of teaching to motivate our kids and mats can be more interesting than other subjects.

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