Quiz on the Dasha ‘10′ Avatars of Lord Vishnu
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God has reincarnated time and again to save the Earth from chaos.
Invoke the Lord our “Quiz on the Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu”.

Which colossal, horned fish that occupied an entire ocean, saved Manu, “Father of all Man”—and one of every surviving species of animal and plant—from the Great Flood, by carrying them to the New World; interpreted as the first class of vertebrates that evolved in water?





Which giant tortoise bore the weight of Mount Meru on its back, to help the Devas and Asuras churn the “Ocean of Milk” using Vasuki, the King of Serpents, as a rope to extract the “nectar of immortality”; interpreted as the first form of amphibious life on Earth?





After Hiranyaksha had taken Bhoomadevi “Mother Earth” to the depths of the cosmic ocean, which wild boar with a pair of sharp tusks defeated the demon after a 1000-year battle and carried her back—balanced on its tusks—to the surface; interpreted as a wild land animal?





Which most terrifying avatar of Lord Vishnu—an anthropomorphic being with the head and claws of a lion and the torso of a man—avenged the demon Hiranyakashipu for tormenting His devotee “Bhakta” Prahalad; interpreted as human intelligence of a wild nature?





Which most noble incarnation of Lord Vishnu—a midget Brahmin who asked for three paces of land, and rose into a giant to cover both the Earth and the skies in two steps—humbled the pride of King Mahabali; interpreted as the first form of prematurely-formed humans?





Which most avenging avatar of Lord Vishnu—the first and only Brahmin-Kshatriya “saint-warrior” in Hinduism—made a vow to kill every Kshatriya on earth twenty-one times over and filled five lakes with their blood; interpreted as early weapon-bearing forest-dwellers?





Which commonly worshipped yet highly heralded avatar—regarded as purushothaman “ideal man”—is the hero of one of the most widely read scriptures of Hinduism, the mythological epic Ramayana; interpreted as early civilized humans in a society/community?





Which most sophisticated avatar of Lord Vishnu—a cowherd, the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudev, born to save his parents from tyranny by killing his demon-uncle Kamsa—is interpreted as humans practicing animal husbandry, and politically advanced societies?





Which debatable avatar of Lord Vishnu—born as Siddhārtha Gautamā (later, Shakyamuni) in 563 B.C. to Queen Mayadevi and King Suddhodana of Kapilavastu in Lumbini, Nepal—spread the word of Nirvana “Divine Enlightenment” and Ahimsa “Non-Violence”?





Which future avatar of Lord Vishnu—"Apocalyptic Horse-Rider" or "Destroyer of Filth"—was foretold to manifest at the end of the 4,32,000-year long Kali Yuga, the present epoch that began in 3102 BC, interpreted as advanced humans with great powers of destruction?





Comments (2)


    Neerja Singh says:

    who ever has made this quiz,it’s very good

      Admin says:

      Hi Neerja,
      Our genuine thanks for your words of appreciation.
      This quiz–and almost all other quizzes you see in the “Quiz” category–is made by Prabhu, a member of our Creative/Editorial Team…

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