The National Digital Library: Online access to one million books!
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Yes. A collection of more than one million digitized books and journals, which can be accessed online by students across the country! The digital platform is a single-window, educational, search portal that facilitates focused and quick access to all study and exam material—everything, except copyrighted ones. This portal is a national educational asset for students interested in research and innovation and a knowledge base for students of all ages, beyond those interested in research.

Every university has its own digital archive of its intellectual output and syllabus, known as the Institutional Digital Repository (IDR), whose access is limited to the university’s own staff and students.

The National Digital Library (NDL) is a 100-crore project sanctioned by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)—with assistance from the Government of India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information TechnologY (MEITY)—and executed by IIT Kharagpur, modeled on the IDR. Henceforth, the NDL will undergo phased expansions—the first phase of this initiative was rolled out in February this year that placed a few more or less than 100 institutes under its fold.

The first phase of the NDL consists of content from as many as sixteen major sources including the CSIR – Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, CSIR – Central Glass Ceramic Research Institute, and IIT Hyderabad, including IIT-JEE Advanced Q&A bank since 2007.

Furthermore, the NDL will connect with the IDRs of several universities and any student will be free to access content in any part of India hosted by the NDL. For instance, a student of IIT Madras will be able to access study material of a specialization taught exclusively at IIT Kharagpur. The NDL aims to streamline IDRs and other study material into one common online repository, enabling uniformly high standards of e-content free of cost on a single platform.

The MHRD’s “National Mission on Education” has entrusted IIT-Kharagpur to host, coordinate, and set-up the National Digital Library “towards building a national asset”. More than 40 types of learning resources and 1.3 million items in more than 70 languages can be accessed. In order to making the most out of these resources, students have been advised to register themselves on the NDL portal at, based on a letter issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

The digitized content for the NDL will be derived from institutes of all types of specializations and will include school-level study material as well, comprising video lectures, interactive questions and answers, and books, in multiple languages, available across all platforms—cell phones, tablets and laptops. Content will also be developed keeping in mind the needs of differently-abled students.

Although, initially, the knowledge base will be created in English, the NDL will gradually include vernaculars—as a lot of curricular activities are planned in vernaculars—and create a multi-lingual interface that can be accessed by students across India without facing a language barrier.

Digital literacy can be defined as the knowledge to handle digital devices like computers, tablet PCs and smartphones, and Internet usage. As the Government plans to offer most of its services in digital form, it is aiming to take digital literacy from the current mark of 15 percent to an eventual target of 50 percent in three years—i.e., 65 crore digitally literate Indians by 2019.

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    Well written article but you should live life with kids like a friend instead of controlling them. You allow kids to think and live their way. In most cases with nuclear family parents want their single kid to become everything in world from cricketer to hero and pushing him to each activity without his interest. Childhood

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    Happy to know about this. Though it mentions e-content free of cost on a single platform; when I tried accessing some of the content it showed up cost.

    Not sure what is free. Also not in a readable format on mobile.

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