The South Indian Meal Plan – Just what is Good for You
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There are two ways to wellness through food: start eating what is good for you, and before doing so, stop eating what is bad for you.

There are two woes to wellness through food: All that is healthy need not be tasty, and all that is tasty need not be healthy.

Well… then what is wise to wellness through food?
The South Indian meal course, of course!

Breakfast options like idly-vada-sambar, pongal-vada-sambar, idly-vadacurry combos…
Standalone marvels like rava kichidi, saemiya upma, masaal dosa, rava dosa, onion/vegetable oothappam, idiyappam
Streaming beverages like Kumbakonam degree-coffee, traditional South Indian filter coffee, and strong, sweet tea…
A multi-course lunch…
A simple dinner/supper…
…the South Indian platter has it all

South Indian cuisine offers a dazzling variety of dishes, especially considering the below four points—

  • Alternative options like wheat and oats come with their share of anti-nutrients like gluten and avenin that is unfavorable to many.
  • Rice and tubers are completely reliable in that they are almost pure starch and nothing else.
  • South Indian food has abundant carbohydrates, fat, and protein options and it is up to an individual’s discretion to choose wisely.
  • Instead of three courses of rice with a meager helping of cooked vegetable or “poriyal”, high on carbohydrates and low in everything else, a reasonable portion of rice—say one cup of cooked rice per day for every 30 kilos of body weight—with an equal portion of vegetables and protein, is the perfect equation to lose weight and gain health.

In the offering are hundreds of traditional dishes amongst which a person would definitely find at least 20 that he or she would enjoy on any given day, while sustaining health and taste in the long term. There would certainly be a delectable delicacy at any time of the day and on any day of the week. Everything you need is already available in the South Indian cuisine—a person just has to modify the portions to match his or her current lifestyle.

Eat less of what is excessively available—starch, oil, fats, sugar—and eat more of what you do not get enough—proteins, vegetables, fruits—and that is all you would ever need, health-wise.

Comments (7)


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