A Wake-Up Call to Save our Planet!
Posted on: December 29, 2017.

Author: Harsha Godiwalla, parent of Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School, Mumbai

It is presently the age of rampant innovation and consumerism.

However, we also need to keep in mind that our planet cannot sustain the toxic non-biodegradable waste and carbon emissions being generated as a consequence of this—a scenario further worsened by food waste and water loss, both of massive amounts.

Henceforth, it would be worth our whiles to revisit daily routines we are involved in, from morning to night, and think of what we can do, differently and effectively, to minimize generation of waste and save water.

Below are a few suggestions…

    ✔ Water wastage can be minimized by being conscious of how much water is used to brush, bathe, wash, and clean. Being distracted or absent-minded while handling water leads to a lot of it being wasted.

    ✔ Food that is freshly cooked and packed in stainless steel meal boxes could be preferred over unhygienic foods packed/wrapped in plastic and paper. Similarly, a stainless steel water bottle to drink from could replace plastic ones.

    ✔ Use of plastic bags provided by vendors can be discouraged by taking cloth bags for shopping.

    ✔ Carpooling/ride-sharing facilities for travelling short distances, say within 10-15 kilometres, could be availed by a group of individuals headed to destinations in the same direction, instead of personal transport. This consequently saves fuel and manpower, and reduces vehicular carbon emission.

    ✔ Locally available fresh fruit, vegetable, and cooked meals could be preferred, especially while on picnic/vacation, and only as much as required, to avoid waste. Awareness could be spread among the locals, residents, and tourists to avoid littering, and safeguard the beauty of the area.

    ✔ Kitchen waste could be converted into useful manure by means of domestic composting.

Conscientious citizens, who shall own personal responsibility for communal and environmental welfare, are the hope and future of every country including ours, and it is my strong belief that our citizens would also strive to nurture and preserve our country and the sweet fragrance of its soil, forests, rivers, birds, animals, and humankind.

And as both responsible parents and citizens, we need to take every step possible towards reducing waste generation and spreading awareness about the same, to present a greener and safer world for our children, grandchildren, and all generations that would follow.

…by Harsha Godiwalla, parent of Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School, Mumbai.

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