Child and Technology
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Author: Anitha.Are
Clinical Psychologist,
Citizens Hospitals, Hyderabad

These days we are happy and feel proud to say that our children are very smart in technology. All of us feel happy when our child is browsing and downloading and cracking Wi-Fi passwords. We judge our children on the basis of their technical knowledge. There is no minimum age criterion for technology usage by children, be it mobile phone, laptop, iPad, smartphone, or others. As parents, all of us want our children to be safe, good, and polite, and to respect others and volunteer to take responsibility.

But are we really giving an opportunity to the child to learn all these through technology?
Did we ever imagine the danger with unguided, unsupervised use of technology?
Most of us are so busy in our schedules that we almost ignore to check what our children are doing.
How many of us know that child porn addiction is increasing day by day?

Isn’t this SHOCKING?

In just the past week, three cases involving this addiction were reported, where the child’s age was just between 6 and 10 years.

WHY is this happening?

  • We do not have time.
  • We want to be proud about our child after 15 or 20 years so giving them an opportunity to explore the net.
  • We feel learning can happen only with tech
  • We feel that everything is fine if the child is safe and sitting in one place and playing with gadgets.

WHAT are the consequences?

  • We are giving the child unwanted information at a very young age.
  • The child tries to find/explore the same information in the environment. As he/she is not able to find this information, he/she eventually ends up in disappointment, anger, emotional outburst, lack of concentration, and, at times, low self confidence.
  • Sharing the information with his/her peer group would spoil other children too.
  • These may also lead to personality issues.

So, what next?

Tips to parents…

  • Spend quality time with your children
  • Talk about his/her friends and ask what topics they discuss at school.
  • Please be next to the child when he/she is using the technology.
  • Do not show immediate reaction if the child is sharing some information which is not good.
  • Stay calm and listen. Otherwise, the reaction in your voice and gestures will make the child guarded.

Let’s us bring our child into a safe environment!


Anitha. A,
Clinical Psychologist,
Citizens Hospitals,


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