Jaeswar Krishna performs a never-seen-before feat on television!
Posted on: September 1, 2017.

Author: Anand.S, father of Jaeswar Krishna, Chennai

Anand.S, Chennai:

My son Jaeswar Krishna of SAN Academy, Pallikaranai, Chennai, has performed juggling with waveboard in Asathal Chutties programme on SUN TV.

Kindly watch Jaeswar’s performance which will be telecasted on September 3rd, 2017 (Sunday), from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM on Sun TV, and give him your blessings and support.

Furthermore, I kindly request you to support and spread the news among all well wishers, friends, and relatives to watch, bless, and encourage his talent.

Below is the video sample of his performance.

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