The First Author Who Impressed Me…
Posted on: November 3, 2017.

Author: Maheswari Duraipandan, mother of Sadagopan, Chennai

I learnt about the ‘mousy world’ when I read her books.

Her adventures are thrilling, and it impresses me. The characters exist in different forms like cave mouse (a savage), mouse king (soldier in medieval world), space mouse (a creature in other planet) etc.

I love her Kingdom of Fantasy series, which lifts me. In that series, I extremely love a book called The Phoenix of Destiny, in which the phoenix is covered with gold scales, and has fiery red feathers.

In short, I love her world of fancy and fantasy, and I want to fly in that sky of Geronimo’s creation. But he is a totally scary and ‘fraidy mouse. His friend alone takes him to adventures. This enticed me.

The first author who impressed me is none other than Elisabetta Dami, who created Geronimo Stilton, the mouse.

Now, I am waiting for another Geronimo Stilton book called The Dragon of Fortune.

…Written by Sadagopan, Std. II, Chettinad Vidyashram, R.A. Puram, Chennai

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