You’d feel happy about school after reading this!
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Remember doing a lot of cool things for your children’s school projects that didn’t make it so boring after all?

…the working model of an erupting volcano you made by adding chemicals that sizzled loudly on contact, rose upwards and overflowed?

…pouring over textbooks to understand electrical circuits and putting together a model windmill that actually made an electric light bulb come to life?

…visiting parks and gardens, and hunting around your locale to find plant specimens to be dried and pressed into a herbarium file?

No matter how much children claim to hate school, or how many times they sing, ‘I don’t want to go to school today’, there is no denying the fact that education is their need just like food, clothing, and shelter.


Actually, school can be one of the most engaging places for children, based on the three most important things they do at their age—interact, play and learn.

Below is a roundup of interesting facts about schools in various parts of the world, which would give you a new perspective of how schools could be perceived.

  • Almost all our children complain of “so much homework”, don’t they? Here’s a fact that might make them feel better… students in China receive the most homework in the world— on average, teenagers have to do a whopping two hours every day of the week!
  • Schools in Chile have summer vacations that start by mid-December and end only in early March, giving their students a break for three whole months!
  • In Germany, children receive a special cone called Schultüte, which is filled with pens, pencils, books and snacks, but they can only open it when they start school. These kids are sure to be excited about school, all because of the presents.
  • In Finland, children do not start school until they are seven years of age. This is one of the oldest ages in the world to start school.
  • In Holland, children start school on the day they turn four years of age, so there’s always someone new in the class, probably much to the confusion of students… and teachers!
  • The King’s School in Canterbury, England, is the oldest school in the world, founded and named in 597 AD! However, the school is up-to-date with quality equipment and supplies, and provides modern education.
  • Turin, a province in northern Italy, has the smallest school in the world with only one pupil!
  • The world’s highest school is situated in Phumachangtang, Tibet, at a height of 5,373 meters above sea level!
  • Japanese schoolchildren are perhaps the most independent students in the world. They travel to school alone, clean their own classrooms, and even carry their own lunch. Schools in Japan have neither janitors nor canteens.
  • In Kenya, it is not mandatory for children to attend school, but bless them for the fact that most of them actually volunteer to go.
  • In Brazil, it is an important part of culture to have meals with family. Therefore, schools start at seven in the morning and are over by noon so that kids can have lunch with their parents!

Did you know these facts about schools before?

If not, I’m glad you do now!

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