A Parent Model Shaping a Go-Getter Child – Part 1
Posted on: July 14, 2018. Comments ( 1 )

Author: Mrs. Radhika Mohan, Educational Consultant

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What makes one successful in life? One’s attitude alone, and nothing else. The “I can, and I will” attitude is capable of giving the confidence of losing it all yet gaining it all over, and over again. Although the temptation to give up is there, we do not give up easily and declare defeat when one’s chips are down. We fight fear. We fight frustration. We must learn to face and overcome both these emotions if we are to attain the success we desire. Being a go-getter is not easy. We need to look at it as a virtue to be practiced rather than something to be mastered in a single decision.

Go-getters embrace failures. Our children are watching us, and they know when we fail miserably. Here we need to view failure as our most critical learning too. “Failures force us to find and access our own inner reservoir of mental toughness”, says author, speaker, and psychologist Sherrie Campbell. She says failures also test our perseverance, flexibility, and willingness to change direction – a learning process, whenever needed.

It makes us think in new ways, to explore new ideas and to develop new skills. We should show our children that a failure in my life is my greatest asset whenever I’m trying to improve, learn something new or expand our horizons. We should never exhibit signs of getting bogged down by failure. Instead, deliberately try to analyse what caused the failure and start working that much harder (or even smarter) so as not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

We need to master something only through consistent repetition and practice. A stubborn, resistant and complaining attitude will not take us anywhere remotely close to success. Let us show our kids that we operate from willingness – willing to pay our dues. One can never become great at anything if he is not willing to train or prepare for it. We should show our kids that the harder we work and the more time we put in, the more proficient we feel and the deeper we come to believe in our skills and strengths. Where there is scope for developing knowledge, there is born confidence.

So, it becomes imperative that action be the first step we need to take. We may fail even several times, but so what? All great successes have overcome failure. We have to make sure that our children know the power and authority we have in our minds. An ill-managed mind starts breeding only negative spill-outs like laziness, negative and distorted thinking. We need to show utmost care in being mindful of what thoughts we allow to cause an impact on our attitudes to the mis-happening around us. Negative thoughts that may jump out every now and then have to be deleted very often. One can make good progress in life only with a good mental and emotional toughness.

Here, our thoughts can be used as productive tools; using and strengthening them can motivate and inspire us to climb up the ladder of success. We need to show our children how we maximize our strengths. Children should know that no one is proficient in all areas they desire to excel in.

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    A very pragmatic solution.

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