Adventure with Jack and Oliver in Los Penasquitos – Part 1 …by R. Pranav
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Author: R. Pranav, Class 7, National Public School, Gopalapuram, Chennai

This is Pranav, Class 7, National Public School, Gopalapuram, Chennai. I recently completed a story about two boys of American Boy Scout having adventure while camping in a hill.

I request you to read my story and let me know how you felt about it, in the Comments Section below. Thanks a lot!


Adventure with Jack and Oliver in Los Penasquitos…

St. Albert, a famous school in the city of San Diego, was right opposite Oliver Crust’s house. In school, Oliver and his best friend, Jack, sat together, had lunch together, and had even joined the Boy Scouts and patrol together. Every Friday, all the scouts met in the basketball court to earn their badges. The highest rank in Boy Scouting is earning 21 merit badges.

One Friday they had a Boy Scouts meeting after school. Their coach, Mr. Wang, made an exciting announcement. He briefed, “Next Friday we are going on a trip to Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail hill. It’s a few miles of trekking with a waterfall to have a glimpse of the meteor shower.” All Scouts cheered. Oliver and Jack were very excited for the long trip.

On Friday morning, the sun came up a little bit early; like these friends. The yellow school bus was waiting for the scouts in the school ground. Mr. Wang took a deep breath and was ready to lead all of them towards the adventure. They reached their destination in the afternoon. Oliver and Jack saw few people who had already started trekking. It was evening by the time the Scouts reached the hilltop, after a short refreshment near the waterfall. A few people had already started setting their telescope and tents, just as Mr. Wang had instructed them to do so.

As night fell, the crowd grew larger and the temperature dropped sharply. Oliver and Jack were standing on the edge of hill, trying to find the best view. Oliver moved a bit too close to the edge, lost his balance, and tumbled down, pulling Jack along with him. “Bash-Bash-Bash-Thud-Thud-Thud” went the bushes as they landed on some grass patch. “You okay?” Oliver asked, holding out his hand to Jack.

Suddenly something fell from above. Oliver and Jack screamed with fright. It was Jack’s backpack. Both sighed in relief. They looked up at the hilltop from where they’d slipped. Both had some scratches on their bodies; not much. “I don’t know whether we can climb up with the darkness here. Do you have torch?”, asked Oliver. Jack opened his backpack and took out a half-eaten carrot, a can of pineapple, a water bottle, a chess board, and a ten-dollar note.

“A chessboard? A half-eaten carrot? Seriously?”, asked Oliver.

“What if we get bored while waiting for the meteor shower? And oh! I ate half the carrot in the bus!” replied Jack.

“Did you get your mobile?” asked Oliver.

Jack took his phone out of his pocket. Vexed, he put it in his backpack, and remarked, “Dead battery. What next?”

…continued in the next part

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