Animal Welfare Fortnight @ L. M. Dadha Sr. Sec. School, Choolaimedu, Chennai
Posted on: January 31, 2018.

Author: L. M. Dadha Sr. Sec. School, Choolaimedu, Chennai

Karuna Club of L. M. Dadha Sr. Sec. School celebrated Animal Welfare Fortnight from Jan 16th to Jan 30th by organising various events.

Mr. Ashokan, retired Asst. Director of Government Museum, Egmore, presented an audio titled “Visual on Pets”. It created awareness about how to take care of animals, show friendliness to animals, and how to treat sick animals injured on the roadside.

Assembly Talk was conducted on Jan 30th by two students of class VII through a conversation between the two. The purpose of this assembly talk was to emphasize to the students to take care of all living things especially animals.

Visit to Goshala

Goshalas are protective shelters for cows in India, which focuses on treating cows well because of their religious significance and consequent cultural sensitivity towards their welfare.

Children of our school, and Karuna Club members, visited the GO SAMRAKSHANA SALA at West Mambalam on Jan27th, and generously donated green leaves, bananas gunny bags, rice, and jaggery.

The Goshala maintains 110 cows out of which 60% of the cows yield milk. The milk is given free of cost to Ahobila Mutt Pada Salai students.

Anti – Plastic Bag Campaign

This campaign was conducted to spread awareness among the public about the harmful effect of plastic bags. If cows or other animals eat them up, it results in death. This was also showed as an audio-visual clip in our school.

Children also distributed 200 cloth bags to the vendors on the road side to avoid plastic bags. It was very well appreciated by the public.

Bird Friendly Trees

Principal and students of Karuna Club planted 50 tree saplings in our school campus so as to ensure a “Go Green” atmosphere, and mainly as a home for birds.

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