Being an Introvert Parent to an Extrovert Child – Part 1
Posted on: February 22, 2018.

Author: Mrs. Radhika Mohan, Educational Consultant

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Merriam–Webster Dictionary defines “introversion” as “the state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominately concerned with or interested in one’s own mental life.”

Simply put, an introvert would love to be alone, all by himself, savoring solitude and remaining content, even for a whole day, in the company of just a book.

But things would become very different if one has to parent a noisy, bubbly, and vivacious child who loves the company of others and does enjoy chattering away all day long!

A child may have an extrovert personality if he is

    ✔ outgoing

    ✔ talks a lot

    ✔ loves being around other people

    ✔ generally doesn’t like solitary activities

    ✔ shares a lot about everything, even with strangers

    ✔ doesn’t really understand why someone would just want to be alone

Nurturing such an outgoing personality would be quite a challenging activity for an introvert parent. There will be times when each one of us craves for time for ourselves, especially after a long, hard day. But think of our extrovert kid. This is exactly how he/she is NOT feeling after a long day. In fact, he/she’s probably bursting with the need to talk to us.

Yes, my “me-time” is crucial to me to set myself in balance. But it wouldn’t be right not to make a conscious effort to assign a good length of ‘quality’ time to my chatty offspring, allowing for loads of positive interaction with his/her day, or even just reading together is enough to devote our time to them.

It is very important for us to sandwich some ‘recharging time’ into our brisk schedule. We should find suitable ways for such times. These times should be guaranteed time to be alone. Here we may plan activities like quietly listing to soothing music, reading a book while commuting from work, picking up solitary walks, running alone, etc., instead of going to a crowded and noisy gym. This way we’ll be reenergized enough to spend positive time with our chirpy kid without feeling like we’re on the end of our tethers!

Woof! What a tough job it is to listen to someone or being listened to! The art is indeed something, truly worthy, picking up.

According to parenting expert Jen Lilienstein, one of the most challenging aspects of parenting an extrovert child is listening – i.e. we listening to our children and vice versa. Lilienstein explains that this is most probably because we and our children’s “listening blocks” are very different from each other.

…continued in the next part

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