Cosmic Truth: Wouldn’t you feel amazed knowing this?
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Author: N. Vijaykumar, parent of Sri Sankara Sr. Sec. School, Adyar, Chennai

Inventions and discoveries have never been the forte of Indians. Contrastingly, in the western world, everything had to be either discovered or invented.

It was not so in India, because there was nothing left to be discovered.

Everything was laid out in the Vedas and ancient Hindu scriptures as revelations, ever since the time of creation of the universe till the Apocalypse. And if this were not enough, it is mentioned that this is an ongoing process and there will be much more to come—an idea which is too grand to even conceptualize.

According to the Vedas, Creation had happened in three phases in this particular cycle in which we are living. Each phase is detailed as to how it happened. This coincides with the scientific theories as we know today, though it differs from the Big Bang Theory.

The placement of heavenly bodies such as the stars, galaxies, and planets has been arranged in a pre-determined structure as described by Shiva’s “Thaandav” or Cosmic Dance. Even the structure and movement within microcosm, like the atom, is also arranged in a form where the energy levels are balanced. The entire process follows a pattern of birth, maturity, consolidation, decay, and finally death, and the process is repeated all over again.

The period for all these has been painstakingly and precisely mentioned in the scriptures. What’s more, even the general future has been described, which we do not want to take note of, as it is not palatable. For example, the degradation of morals and virtues has been mentioned and clearly explained in the Kali Yug, the course of the present time period.

The intention in all these revelations is not to frighten the people, but to implore to them to become aware of their purpose in life and the role they are supposed to play in the grand process.

Human beings are considered the highest-evolved species among livings beings for their unique ability to discriminate and discern the Truth of Life. In the grand scheme of things, taking birth as a human being is explained to be an opportunity to undergo a divine “cleansing process”. Time, which is a constant, is also a witness to all such processes taking place. We thus have a form of Shiva who is known as ‘KAALA BHAIRAVA’.

Energy is the supreme necessity, since an object created can neither be idle nor stationary. They must engage in action. This energy is represented by ‘SHAKTHI’. Shakthi is one half of Shiva.

‘KARMA’ is the indisputable law of nature, governed by CAUSE and EFFECT. All deed is bound by the law of karma and influenced by it. Nobody will be able to escape this law.

Conclusively, the Vedas are probably the only literature which attributes a duty to every living and non-living entity. Consequently, we have the sun, moon, and earth which are actually doing their duty.

Every living being is expected to do its duty. This is denoted in the scriptures as ‘DHARMA’.

…by N. Vijaykumar, parent of Sri Sankara Sr. Sec. School, Adyar, Chennai

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    Srinivas says:

    Another important aspect that are expounded in our Hindu scriptures thousand of years ago is on inter-connected of all beings-both animate and inanimate in this universe; and every thing found are deduced to three components matter, energy and information, which preposition is validated by theory of relativity known during previous century. There is inherent unity amongst us and separatedness is just an optical illusion, deciphering this eternal truth requires yogic practise.

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