DECAFROLIC | Mega Event 2017 | Lakshdham High School, Mumbai
Posted on: February 27, 2018.

Author: Lakshdham High School, Mumbai

Decafrolic – this mega event, scheduled from 12TH to 16TH December 2017, marked the pinnacle accomplished by Lakshdham High School, Goregaon (East), ever since its establishment in 2008. It was more than just an outstanding celebration.

‘Decafrolic’ is a fusion of 10 life skills declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2017. It aimed at inculcating these life skills in all students—from tiny tots to seniors—by giving them the exposure and opportunities for a hands-on experience in various activities.

The event was a mirror to the many beliefs, perceptions, abstractions, and inklings that Lakshlites have held in their hearts over the years, under the strong support of their principal Ms. Punam Jaiswal and the School Trust authorities. It was a sincere attempt at taking the 21st century learners on a journey towards empowerment of psychosocial skills.

Tiny tots of Pre-school highlighted the significance of the number 10 through various skills and activities.

The GAET Counseling centre held interactive sessions on parenting.

Charity begins at school as it is another home. The most novel idea was the concept of Charity counters, wherein generous donations of unused items made by all Lakshlites were sold at economical rates. This not only taught marketing skills to the children but also managed to collect reasonable revenue to be donated.

The invitees received a grand welcome and a token of affection from the student volunteers who applied Mehndi, tattoo designs and offered stylish hair braiding services.

The five-day event was an assemblage of creative activities like learning pottery, idol-sculpting, jewelry-making, jar-painting, and bag-printing, with the accompaniment of intellectual workshops on automobile education, first aid, electricity generation, holographic experiments, and scientific models on air quality measurement.

One of the focal points was ‘Town Planning’, a treat to the eyes of beholders, which encompassed not only the model of the existing social and economic infrastructure of Gokuldham, (Goregaon East), but also proposed better town development by providing better waste management facilities, cable cars, skywalks, signals, and zebra-crossings at strategic places, with alternate and faster routes for ambulance services.

Fun-filled avenues were created for parents and children, who both had a gala experience in attending swift courses in candle-making, soap-making, flameless cooking, fabricating trinket-like key holders, and novelty bowls backed by beautiful takeaway gifts.

Giant-size models of both traditional and contemporary indoor games boosted the enthusiasm of students with takeaway prizes. Exciting visual treats like “the cave with glowworms” added to the enjoyment.

Students had the opportunity of interactive sessions with guest speakers from diverse fields of finance, fitness training, solar energy generation, police services, and animation, and also took useful tips on career planning from the ex-students of the school who shared their academic and professional experiences with them.

Cultural programmes, be it breathtaking musical performances, dazzling dance shows, or the delicious food served, left the audience enthralled.

Environmental conservation and ethics has always been a conscious motto of the many campaigns conducted by the school. The entire campus of the school was surrounded by picturesque representations of a model village surrounded by lush greenery which included almost 4,000 plants with a wide species of plants including ornamental and medicinal plants. Composting machines were also installed.

Solar cookers and solar panels installed in the school were the best examples of a strong message to use renewable energy sources.

This five-day celebration was experienced by footfalls of a whopping 15,000 people!

Memories are a treasure cherished for a lifetime. The event is bound to end but will leave an essence of pride and glorious satisfaction in the hearts and minds of Lakshlites as they await more such festivities.

The parents complimented saying that such an event had never ever been experienced by them in their own school.

These were the words of the principal Ms. Punam Jaiswal at the closure of the event: “I am overwhelmed and touched by the participation and team work. It has been much more than what I had visualized.”

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