Early Childhood Educators and their Pre-Schoolers – Part 2
Posted on: September 21, 2018. Comments ( 2 )

Author: Mrs. Radhika Mohan, Educational Consultant

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The little ones have a very volatile and changeable nature, and thus their classroom should also be likewise. Hence a teacher must learn to work with new challenges. Whether water colours splash all over during a wet on wet painting activity or an outdoor water play turns into a swampy pit, a teacher must react positively to such unpredictable situations, coming up with flexible schedule and new ideas to keep her students engaged meaningfully.

Creative teachers plan ideas to suit various learning styles and incorporate them in a classroom environment. Puppets, music, art supplies could be effective teaching aids to create inspiring classroom experiences for her children. Magnets and magnifying glasses can become her wah-factors. According to Laura Colkers’ article, early childhood educators report that a passion for teaching is the most driving quality of a good teacher. It means heartfelt enthusiasm that encourages development and gives her a job satisfaction, work becoming her second nature in her class.

Even in a challenging classroom environment, watching a child grasp a new concept, effectively resolve a conflict or demonstrate responsible behaviour provides a sense of accomplishment. Without this kind of passion, the teacher wears down or burns out. Young children can sense what is dedication. They do respond well while offered a safe and secure learning spaces. Trusting relationships between the teacher and the child being taught, begin to build here. Says Jacqueline Zeller, “High quality child care experiences support the development of social and academic skills that facilitates a child’s potential success in school.”

She also states that there is supporting evidence that close relationships between teachers and students are an important part of creating a high quality educational environment. Good teachers are dedicated. Understanding each child is crucial. Each comes from a different background – home culture – leading to different learning styles. Teachers must be willing to accept these differences and be able to work these kids to ensure all students leave the school, having achieved the identified learning objective and outcomes. Even the best teachers will occasionally go off course throughout the day due to unforeseen situations or learning hiccups.

While creating a lesson plan, chalking out important concepts in curriculum is important for any classroom program to get effective, as even the best laid out plans tend to go off the rails. By being flexible and easily adaptable, these changes can help lessen the teacher’s stress levels and keep her academic progress on track. So early childhood education is not a one-size-fit-all teaching career. She must exhibit valuable qualities that will help to drive her success in the classroom and obtain ample enjoyment in her profession.

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    Dr. Sudheendrah says:

    Hi good morning, Let the budding kids,,,of the BGS NPs at bannerghatta road specifically the 10 Standard, be intellectuals,, and be the job generators instead just education for employment,, being a Researchers in the Artificial intelligence,, AI, which rules the whole world,,,, let them be the scientists,, as well laureates,, If invited I can deliver he AI,,, algorithm at the BGS,,,,,, and being a researcher,, let bgs ,,, takes to heights,,

      Suhas says:

      Hi Dr. Sudheendrah,

      Grate to know about your willingness to deliver talk on AI, Algorithms etc. I too feel that it is the need of the hour. If we can introduce these concepts at the apt age, some kids can really bloom.

      Did you get in touch with the school directly by any chance? Not sure if school will look into the comments on Yokibu.

      Best Regards

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