Eight Juniors win 1st Prize in State-Level Group Classical Dance!
Posted on: August 9, 2018. Comments ( 1 )

Author: Praveena Shivakumar, Chennai

Eight children from three different schools participated as a Sub-Junior Team in the event “SPRTIZAA 2K18 – Talent Show Competition—an event organised by Dinesh Dance Crew—and won the 1st Prize in the Group Classical Dance State-Level Inter-school Competition held on 14th July 2018, at Mahodaya Hall Chennai, after competing with 7 other teams from various schools across Tamil Nadu.

These eight children were also awarded the winner’s certificates and a cash award of Rs. 4000. The event was sponsored by Poorvika Mobiles.

This is the second consecutive time that the eight children have won the 1st Prize in the same event. Last year, 2017, the team won the 1st Prize Trophy and a cash award of Rs. 5000.

These eight children are learning Bharatanatyam for about 2 years, in the Be-Fit Kalākriti Academy of Arts, under their Guru Praveena Sivakumar, who reasons that it is the kids’ spirit and the interest in this art, which has given them back-to-back competitive success.

These children have performed Bharatanatyam in their schools at various occasions and have also performed in the Music Academy on Women’s Day (10th March 2018) as part of the 12th World of HiddenIdol Festival.

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    Revathi M says:

    super children.

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