Go Places at 4,000 miles per hour! – Part 2
Posted on: January 4, 2018.

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“Hyper Chariot can be integrated into the existing road infrastructure at much less cost and disruption to existing services while providing more value to users”, HTT told in a statement.

Incidentally, this announcement comes a few years after entrepreneur-inventor Elon Musk announced a similar train-like technology concept called the Hyperloop. However, according to HTT, their train will be lighter, faster, and more efficient than the Hyperloop.

HTT CEO Nick Garzilli explains “We’re focused on hiring the top engineers in the world and recognize that no customers will be entering 1,000mph+ tube lines before everything has been rigorously tested and insured for use. Our technology eliminates close to 99% of the reasons that we have accidents today. There are no moving parts so we’re dramatically reducing chance of mechanical failure.”

Thus, human error would be eliminated, as everything would be automated via computer. The company also plans on using the pods to transport only cargo for at least a year until people are allowed on.

HTT wants the network to be fully operational by 2040, and plans to unveil a working ‘proof of concept’ in 2021. Hyper Chariot’s network will provide the personalised mobility of a car without the irksomeness of traffic and parking. Thereafter, passengers no longer have to wait with large groups of people for a bus, train, or plane, but HTT warns that there will be no toilets on board.

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