Health Benefits of Sarsaparilla (Nannari)
Posted on: May 15, 2018.

Various medicinal and health benefits rest within the woody, slender or aromatic roots of the naruneendi (a.k.a. nannari) herb. The roots can be added to soups, stews, herbal supplements, drinks, and desserts owing to the high concentration of nutrients and organic compounds that the roots contain. Traditional medicine widely utilizes a powdered form of the roots.

‘Nannari’ concentrate or syrup is reconstituted from an extract prepared by subjecting nannari roots to steam distillation, and subsequently mixing it, in certain proportions, with citric acid, water, and sugar—200ml of sweet-tasting, refreshing nannari sherbet requires 145 ml of cold water to dilute 50 ml of the concentrate/syrup, and 5 ml of fresh lime juice.

Boosts resistance to disease: Sarsaparilla is a wonderful herbal supplement to increase the strength of your immune system, thanks to the natural antibacterial properties of its berries and the therapeutic compounds in its roots. Cold and other common illnesses are immediately cured, and skin infections are effectively prevented, by virtue of its antibacterial properties.

Combats Cancer: The root and extract of sarsaparilla contain antioxidants that provide more natural and herbal remedies—cancer researchers around the world find this very useful. Positive associations between the flavonoid and sterol contents of the plant and a reduction in the spread of cancerous cells were observed in early results, although research is yet to be deemed conclusive. The abundant variety of antioxidants in sarsaparilla eliminate the cancer-causing by-products of cellular respiration by neutralizing free radicals in the system.

Alleviates Arthritic pain: If you are suffering from any sort of inflammatory issue, such as gout, arthritis, or even aching muscles and joints, the active ingredients of sarsaparilla can help alleviate those pains. It contains various compounds, such as saponins, parillin, and other flavonoids that can soothe those flare-ups within the body and alleviate pain and discomfort.

Promotes loss of weight: Sarsaparilla supposedly suppresses appetite—curbs your food craving and nullifies the need to cheat on your diet—although research is still underway to empirically confirm the exact chemical pathway for this health benefit.

Care for your skin: Health and appearance of skin is enhanced by the antibacterial properties of sarsaparilla and its antioxidant content. Nannari extract, when applied or consumed, eliminates wrinkles and age spots, and keeps you looking young!

Detoxifies the Body: Sarsaparilla is an effective diuretic—stimulates urination in those who consume it—that eliminates excess fats, salts, toxins, and water from the system, and thus purifies and detoxifies the body. Furthermore, it alleviates strain on the liver and kidneys, consequently purifies the blood, and eventually increasing overall health.

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