“I do art to satisfy my soul”: 14-year-old Meghana Basi, Massachusetts, United States
Posted on: January 10, 2018.

Author: Binu Basi, mother of Meghana Basi, USA

Meghana “Meghan” Basi is a gifted artist studying in the 9th Grade at the Walnut Hill School For The Arts in Natick in Massachusetts, United States.

She says art is not just her passion. She has to do it because it’s her “oxygen”.

Even since her toddler days, Meghan showed signs of supreme talent in creating surreal works which conveys a lot about human psychology – a skill that is way beyond her age. She does art for satisfying her soul, for it generates happiness within herself, and she further believes and feels that her art can do the same to increase someone else’s level of happiness. That was the ultimate goal for her! At the age of 12 on November 8, 2015, we realized her gift should be shared with the world, and she did her first solo exhibit, and the rest is history!

Organizations partnered with her for doing charity shows. She entered New England galleries through juried exhibits. She was the youngest artist in all the gallery shows, and has won awards, praises, and accolades, surprising even 80-year-old established artists.

Last summer, a New York gallery approached her and she signed her first agreement with them for marketing her works. Her charity work titled “Motherhood” was unveiled for the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) Fina House community this summer. Her incredible portfolio helped her into the number one art school in the United States for High School!

She has won several national awards, achievements, and accolades so far, and her colourful journey continues.

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