Quiz on Famous Fountains in the World
Posted on: October 5, 2018.

Fountains are a wonderful, refreshing sight aren’t they?
‘Swoosh out’, with our “Quiz on Famous Fountains in the World”.

Which 40-million-dollar fountain on an eight-acre manmade lake in front of the Bellagio hotel on the Las Vegas Strip in the United States, comprises a network of 1,200 nozzles, 8,000 meters of pipe, and 4,500 lights, and can shoot water to the height of a 24-story building?





Which world’s tallest indoor musical fountain in Busan, South Korea, attracted 5,00,000 people within three weeks from its opening, and witnesses 20,000 visitors a day today—Busan's most popular attraction—whose hi-tech display incorporates sound, light, colour and 16 different songs?





Chicago's __________, one of the world’s most creative fountains, features a black granite reflecting pool positioned between two glass towers that use LEDs to display faces of a thousand volunteering Chicago residents who puff out their cheeks as a jet of water shoots out of a nozzle concealed in the towers’ surface.





Singapore’s __________, named “World's Largest Fountain” by Guinness, designed in the shape of a bronze ring based on a Hindu mandala, invites people to retrieve coins in addition to throwing them in and is believed to bring good fortune to those who circumambulate it three times while touching its waters!





Which world’s largest choreographed fountain is a 275-metre curve of five rings of water jets capable of shooting water 50 stories high, equipped with 6,600 LEDs and 25 colour projectors synchronised to Western and Arab music, and whose 20-mile-range beam is the brightest point in the Middle East?





__________, the world’s tallest fountain, jets water 1,024 feet high, thrust upwards at 375 kilometres per hour, sent soaring over the Jeddah coastline in Saudi Arabia, illuminated at night by over 500 spotlights, and unique for its unusual use of sea water.





Russia’s __________, a USSR relic, features 16 enormous gilded statues of waving, happy citizens in national costume, representing the republics that made up the Soviet Union and sports 800 water jets that shoot water 24 metres in the air which splashes back into a vast red granite bowl shaped like a flower.





Karnataka’s __________ whose water, coloured light and music are harmonized to create a water ballet controlled by an aquatic organ operated through a controller whose water pumping operation is computerised, while all other fountains are run by water pressure from the Krishna Raja Sagar dam.





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