Quiz on Interesting Facts about Laughter
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By research, “Laughter” provides deep, unique insights on human expression.
Smile through, with our “Quiz on Interesting Facts about Laughter”.

Human babies as young as __________ have been observed to exhibit laughter, and even those babies born __________ and __________ still have the ability to laugh.





Of 1,200 “laugh episodes” observed by a survey that listened in on normal conversations at a local mall, only __________ percent was generated by actual jokes, with the survey concluding that individuals in a group more often laugh to bond rather than exhibit humour.





According to a university research study, up to 40 calories are burnt, theoretically, by laughing for just __________ minutes a day (effectively, 60 minutes a day), the boost in metabolism attributed to the increase in heart rate (by 10-20%) and oxygen consumption during these funny moments.





Episodes of laughter are actually triggered by the familiarity of a person or a group, rather than the material of a joke or funny movie itself. How many times more frequently does social laughter occur, opposed to solitary laughter?





Which of the following is a critical function of the “anterior medial prefrontal cortex” of the human brain?





What aspect of laughter is triggered by the “premotor cortical” region of the human brain?





Which of the following statements are true regarding the fact that laughter has a distinctive pattern, suggesting that language is given the priority?
I. Rarely occurs in the middle of a sentence
II. Tends to occur at the end of sentences
III. Tends to occur during a break in speech





Correctly match the types of laughter on the left with its description on the right.
1. Belly Laugh a. Loud, convulsive laughter
2. Bray b. Loud laugh suggestive of a hen's sound after laying an egg
3. Cackle c. Burst of deep, loud, hearty laughter
4. Chortle/Chuckle d. Loud, harsh laughter
5. Cachinnation e. Soft, partly-suppressed laugh





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