Quiz on the Mysterious Bermuda Triangle
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Recall having heard of a rogue triangle in the Atlantic Ocean?
‘Connect the dots’ with our “Quiz on the Mysterious Bermuda Triangle”…

Also known as “__________”, the Bermuda Triangle lies in the Western part of the __________ Ocean.





Which three places in the world connect to form the Bermuda Triangle?





The Bermuda Triangle region covers an area estimated to range from __________ to __________ square miles!





An object “consumed” by the Bermuda Triangle neither leaves behind a trace nor any kind of remains, allegedly because the swift waters of the Gulf Stream—a __________ that originates in the Gulf of Mexico and travels through the triangle—quickly sweeps any debris away.





Which of the following statements are true regarding the area of influence of the Bermuda Triangle?
I. Destructive influence is absent during the solstices and equinoxes
II. Destructive influence is absent on nights when there is ‘no moon’
III. Destructive influence is felt even outside the range of the area
IV. Destructive influence is absent during the Solar and Lunar Eclipses





How/by whom was the Bermuda Triangle first discovered?





A compass within the Bermuda Triangle region does not point towards __________, and instead, points towards Geographic/True North, confusing the navigators of ships and planes and causing them to lose their course bearings within the Triangle.





According to estimated averages, around __________ yachts and __________ aircraft go missing every year, and a thousand lives claimed within the last century.





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