Rock Salt – What with a ‘Pinch’ of it?
Posted on: April 10, 2018.

Salt, in the past, was an extremely valued consumer product, even used as an exchange currency. It had a huge significance and served many purposes in the lives of common men. It held a huge mark in the religious rituals of several cultures. For instance, within the Bible, we might find a lot more than 20 references about salt – particularly rock salt.

Rock salt is also known as Himalayan Crystal Salt (“HCS”, in this article). It is another name for the mineral halite, often called Sodium Chloride which bears the chemical formula NaCl. It is characteristically white or colourless, though it can also be light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, or grey, based on the amount and kind of impurities contained in it. It is made by evaporation of salt water through water from huge water bodies like the inland marginal seas in semi-arid regions where it is seen in large deposits.

In Hindi, it is called Sendha Namak, and in Tamil, it is called Indhuppu. HCS is the purest form of rock salt but found only in small amounts in some regions of the country. Therefore, it is more expensive when compared to commercial salt. Table salt, as we call it, is iodized. Rock salt is much more granular, with big, chunky crystals, a less salty taste, and isn’t chemically processed.

HCS is a healthy substitute to table salt since it is full of minerals and doesn’t invite health issues like high blood pressure, puffiness in the body or even eyes. It includes 84 of 92 trace elements requiredfor the body, which includes calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, copper, and so on. Today, HCS is available in many supermarkets in powder form (or pill form in drugstores) or in dissolved form in health drinks.

Its chiefly constituted minerals, magnesium and calcium, are both beneficial to health. These minerals help in the proper functioning of certain organs in the body.HCS is a supplement that boosts low mineral level in one’s body. Its other health benefits were found to be advantageous to a healthy maintenance of the various systems whose proper functioning is indispensable to the human body.

Rock salt helps promote and encourage active metabolism in the body, andhence results in improved functioning of the human physiological systems. It helps improve water absorption within the body, and particularly assists the proper functioning of the digestive tract along with other organs. Its minerals and other valuable nutrients are easily absorbed. Only when correct level of salt absorption is maintained in the body can cell function happen properly, and only thence would communication within the body parts be effective. And there is no harm, of course, in consuming rock salt in moderate amounts.

HCS helps digestion and consequentially improves appetite. Incorporating rock salt in one’s daily menu relieves one of acidity and enhances bowel movement. Asthmatic patients with inflamed respiratory system would find relief with rock salt, as it reduces the formation of phlegm and makes breathing easier. Some research says that sprinkling rock salt onto one’s tongue right after drinking a glass of water is simply as effective as using an inhaler. Interestingly, lamps made of rock salt have the capacity to function as air ionisers. Hence, they facilitate the removal of harmful ions present in the air, and thus make breathing incredibly easier, which also has the potential to alleviate bronchitis.

Who is not worried about heart heath? When rock salt is taken with water, it will help lessen high cholesterol and high blood pressure, thus helping regularize irregular heartbeat (bradycardia and tachycardia). Therefore, HCS/rock salt can help avoid atherosclerosis, cardiac arrests, and stroke.

There is also good news for the sweet-toothed who fall prey to diabetes. Rock salt may help decrease the requirement for insulin by assisting to maintain proper sugar levels within the body. Hence, making HCS a part of daily diet will benefit those with a condition of diabetes.

Approximately, ¼ thof the amount of salt which is within the body, is stored in the bones, exactly where it will help them keep strong. Once the body lacks salt and water, it starts to draw the sodium through the bones, ultimately resulting in osteoporosis. We know that Potassium is essential to keep the muscles in our body fit. Rock salt not just consists of small quantities of potassium, additionally it assists the body to soak it up better from other foods. Hence relieves muscle pains, spams and cramps. Rock salt, made as a brine, helps as a mouthwash, fights bad breath and prevents gum bleeding. Thus, rock salt aids in maintaining very high dental hygiene.

And most importantly, rock salt helps balance body pH factor. It helps fight heavy metals,usually lead, arsenic, mercury, and calcium, within the body, and has the capacity to dissolve their molecular structure. Furthermore, even small physical setbacks like headaches, morning sickness, foot fungus, acne, earache / ear infections, sore throat, menstrual cramps and skin diseases like psoriasis can be set right by using rock salt in various and different approaches to its application in the human body.

So, why not take it with a pinch of life, in an everyday menu, maybe by using it just a pinch or so?

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