Simple Practice of Spiritual Parenting – Part 1
Posted on: September 29, 2018.

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Discretion of necessary proportion is imperative to the art of parenting. Each child is unique, and thus, there is no thumb rule in parenting. Attention, love, and discipline are to be shown in various levels to children of different types, respectively. It’s like looking at a garden of different trees and flowers and wondering “How much water would a plant need?” A coconut tree would need, say 50 litres of water, and a rose plant would need only a very small fraction of that amount. Doing it the other way around would adversely affect the development of both plants. An assessment of the kind of plant you have at home is essential before deciding what it needs.

Become a parent that your child loves:

There are indefinite things that could potentially influence children—television, social media, neighbours, friends, teachers, school, and a hundred different things. However, it is the most attractive thing that will decide their interests. Transform yourself into the kind of parent that your child would love and be attracted by and will want to be with—fun-loving, wise, and wonderful. Turning into a peaceful and loving human being is essential if you are genuinely interested in being a good parent to your child and give him or her a positively memorable upbringing.

Prefer to be loved than to be respected by your child:

Most parents unwittingly want their children to respect them, and sometimes even resort to threatening or physical abuse to make it happen. Shouldn’t it be love that we must seek from our children? Wouldn’t it be absurd for a parent to think that he/she serves a higher purpose than his/her children, just by being a few decades older, having a body that is bigger in size, and knowing a handful of survival tricks?

Be your child’s best friend forever:

Do not impose yourself on your child and want to become his/her boss. Do not command and order your child around, assuming a high pedestal. Instead choose to be your child’s first and forever best friend. It’s actually and mutually easy for parents and children to communicate and be understood if parents would place themselves subordinate to their children.

Spend time together in a supportive and loving atmosphere:

How can we expect our children to be happy if we are just their example of fear and anxiety? Children reflect what they are shown. As parents, creating an atmosphere of joy and love is the best thing we can do.

Do not meddle with the child’s natural spirituality:

Children, unless meddled with, are in all possibility, a very close spirituality. However, factors that interfere with their spirituality are either parents or teachers, and society or television—something/somebody or the other. It is intelligence, and not socio-religious identity, that must encourage a child to grow, and the atmosphere in which this happens should have only minimized meddling. Consequently, even without knowing the word ‘spirituality’, the child will become naturally spiritual.

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