Simple Practice of Spiritual Parenting – Part 2
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Learn from the child, don’t teach:

Children cannot be taught about life with what we think is enough. The only things about life that we adults know, and can teach our children, are a few survival tricks. But it is essential to first think who is capable of more joy: compare yourself with you child. Isn’t it the child that’s capable of more joy? And doesn’t that make him or her better qualified to be a consultant about life?

It’s time to learn, not teach, when a child comes to you. Unknowingly, you laugh, play, sing, crawl under the sofa, and do all those things that you had forgotten to do, if not for them—it’s time to learn from you child, what life actually is—being carefree and happy.

Don’t rush a child to become an adult:

That a child remains a child, is the most essential thing about parenting that parents must mind. Never rush your child into adulthood; you can’t reverse it later. But then, why at all rush? There’s a lot of time for that. The transition from childhood to adulthood shouldn’t be hurried.

It’s wonderful when children behave childlike. The problem is when an adult behaves like a child.

A child is its parent’s privilege, not possession:

It is indisposed attitude for one to think of one’s children as one’s property. Consequently, it is inappropriate for us, parents, to attach a sense of belonging to our children. That a child—this bundle of joy—has entered this world through us is, in itself, the greatest privilege. Consequently, the process of nurturing and supporting them must, in itself, be the most enjoyable aspect of parenting.

We must not treat our children as an investment for our future.

True Love is the best you can give your child:

Catering to whatever your child asks for is not parental love; it’s a misconception, and detrimental to the child’s development. The child will only get spoilt and turn insufferable for it. Doing whatever we think is needed or is asked for, without sufficient retrospection and merely acting on a whim, isn’t “True Love”.

“True Love” is the willingness to do the best for the object of your love even if it means becoming unpopular in the process of conducting and fulfilling that purpose.

Let child grow of their own accord:

Children must be allowed to become what they are supposed to be. Our understanding of life must not come in the way of our children discovering their own purpose in life. There’s nothing about children for parents to try and mould. What you did, in and with your life, must not influence your child’s deeds. Your child could possibly do something that you did not even dare to think of in your life.

Progress in this world is possible only if children discover their identities and abilities by themselves, and in their own space.

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    So well written!

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