Swachhata Pakhwada @ L. M. Dadha Sr. Sec. School, Choolaimedu, Chennai
Posted on: October 4, 2018.

Author: L. M. Dadha Sr. Sec. School, Choolaimedu, Chennai

The following events were conducted at our school with regard to Swachhata Pakhwada ( 1 – 15 September 2018 ).

01.09.18 – Swachhata Shapath Day: An oath for cleanliness was administered at our school.

02.09.18 – 04.09.18 – Swachhata Awareness Day:

A meeting with our parents was conducted to highlight the importance of cleanliness and sanitation among children, parents, and teachers.

Awareness about campus cleaning was generated among our students, who were encouraged to clean the campus and planting areas.

05.09.18 – Green school drive

Children learnt about classification of recyclable and non-recyclable waste using blue- and green-coloured dustbins respectively, arranged for this purpose.

Children were encouraged to practice gardening by planting trees in and around the school premises.

06.09.18 & 07.09.18 –  Swachhata Participation Day & Hand Wash Day

Awareness on cleanliness and hygienic practices was generated during the School Assembly, in which children were taught the proper method of washing their hands before and after eating.

08.09.18 – Personal Hygiene Day
Personal Hygiene was discussed in the School Assembly by speech and an audio-visual programme.

12.09.18 – Swachh Water Day: The topic was discussed in the School Assembly.

13.09.18 – Water Harvesting Day: A speech on the topic was given by a student of the school.

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