The Uncertain Road… Poem written by Prarthana
Posted on: September 7, 2018. Comments ( 1 )

Author: Rekha Vijay, Chennai

Dear parents! This poem, written by Prarthana, my daughter, is about how success is certain if one is always optimistic and can wisely handle uncertainties in life. It gives me great joy in sharing this with you, and it would be double the joy if you could share with me how you felt after reading this poem, in the Comments section below. Thanks!


The Uncertain Road

    Uncertainty is just like a road that you tread,
    without really knowing where it would head.

    Surprises there are at every turn,
    even without you having to yearn,
    So true it is of typical life,
    tippy-toeing on the tip of a knife.

    When you are made to wait for hours,
    without even knowing what would be yours,
    In life there is but one certainty,
    the omniscience of uncertainty.

    Like a tumbling cascade of rolling beads,
    you don’t really know where it actually leads,
    It could very well roll into the realm of your dreams,
    or deep into the dark where nothing gleams.

    The uncertainties of life shouldn’t make you worry,
    for certainly your sorrows will themselves bury,
    And to the uncertain shores you wanted to touch first,
    you shall certainly be carried by waves under your feet!

…written by Prarthana.

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    Shanthini says:

    Very nice! Congrats

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