Touring New Delhi – Part 2: Palika Bazaar, India Gate, and Humayun’s Tomb
Posted on: October 5, 2018.

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Next day, I’d planned to first visit Palika Bazaar, and then proceed to India Gate and thence to Humayun’s Tomb, finishing up thus, before catching my return flight the following afternoon.

Palika Bazaar is a rampant and buzzling underground marketplace in New Delhi’s popular Connaught Place. The Bazaar has multiple entrances and exits, and most visitors wouldn’t be able say which way they entered, and which way they left. The marketplace has numbered shops and is mildly reminiscent of Chennai’s Spencer Plaza.

In the centre of the multilevel subterranean bazaar is a blue-coloured glass dome set into the ceiling, which traces its edge with a raised circular dais beneath, with sitting benches and mosaic-work pillars spaced along its circumference. Most shops appear to sell only one kind of merchandise—clothing. All items were being sold for a bargain, and a satisfactory purchase appears to depend on your ability to bargain or settle for a middle price.

After Palika Bazaar, I headed to India Gate, about which there is little to say and more to see, for it is the most historically significant landmark of India, an architectural icon of the country, and already well-known to most of us. No trip to Delhi would be complete without posing in the backdrop of India Gate, and the first shot of every film based in or involving a visit  to Delhi would be centred on India Gate. The exposed surface of the India Gate bears the engraved names of the soldier-martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the Indian Freedom Struggle.

The last spot for the day was Humayun’s Tomb. Thus, I’ve decided to let the pictures do the talking… …need I add anything more?

One very interesting aspect of the Tomb complex was its system of interconnected waterways. It is said that if a handful of sugar accidentally fell into the water in any part of the waterway, a person drinking at any point in the waterway system would instantly taste the sweetness!

In all, it was one of the most worthwhile and enjoyable vacations I’d ever had.

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