Ways to Keep My Students Motivated in Learning – Part 2
Posted on: February 16, 2018.

Author: Mrs. Radhika Mohan, Educational Consultant

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Students love to take up responsibilities in classroom activities. They look at them as privileges not burdensome activities. They will work hard to ensure that they meet out teachers’ expectations. Allowing them to take turns leading activities or helping out makes each one feel important and valued. This is a great way to build community and motivation.

Most students love to be involved in collaborated team work. Only some may shy away. That’s okay. Most will involve themselves happily to solve problems, do experiments and work on projects with one another. Setting up the groups in a balanced and fair equation is of course, the teacher’s job. The social play can get them excited and motivate them to reach their goals along with their partners.

Students should attain a fair idea of their strengths and weaknesses while that are yet in school. It is a place where self reflection should begin. Teachers are to encourage them in this analysis. Students are often much more motivated by creating these kinds of critiques of themselves than by having a teacher do for them. This way, they feel they are more in charge of themselves and their objectives.

A teacher herself has to be excited about teaching and thus make learning fun for her students. Sharing her enthusiasm will make them more excited about learning. She/he has to harness their individual interests to make things more interesting and specifically relatable to her students, thus keeping them motivated for longer.

A teacher is also every student’s counselor. She has to beat out the anxiety that mounts within students when they feel overwhelmed by her expectations. She has to ensure they don’t give up, whatever may be the end result. The goals she sets for each one should be high yet attainable.

Students love to be challenged and will work hard to meet them as long as they believe those challenges to be within their reach. She needn’t be afraid to push them to get more out of them. The degree to which she pushes will vary from one student to another.

Finally, a teacher should help her students find their own personal reasons for doing class work, homework, assignments, projects, etc, be it them finding her material interesting, wanting to go to college, or just out of a love to learn. This is the most powerful gift every teacher can and should give to each one of her students.

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