11-year-old Shraddha launches her Second Book!
Posted on: January 22, 2019.

Author: Anuradha, mother of Shraddha, Chennai

One of our Young Achievers, Shraddha—whose first book titled The Adventures of Morty released in 2016 and was reviewed in CommunitySpeak the same year—has written her second book now.

Shraddha Anu Shekar’s latest book is titled Muruga: The God of War, and following is it’s preview…

Demons. Gods. Starry maids. War messengers.

Have you heard about “Uchchaissravas”, the seven-headed white horse and vehicle of Bali, the king of demons?

Or “Vasuki”, the five-headed snake and King of Serpents?
What do all these have to do with the Tamil God Muruga?
How many vehicles does Muruga has? Or how he was born?

Muruga: The God of War, has many enchanting and captivating stories, and is a promised feast of fantasy—for young and old readers alike!

About the Author:
Shraddha Anu Shekar is a Std. VI student of Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School, Mylapore, Chennai.

She has written two books, till date: The Adventures of Morty (2016) and Muruga, The God of War (2019). She loves to doodle, write, take pictures, and most of all, travel. She is the goalkeeper for her school’s under-14 girls football team and aspires to be a journalist. She runs “Shekar Talkies”, a photography and art showcasing company, along with her sister, and specializes in black and white portrait photography.

Eleven-year old Shraddha lives in RA Puram, Chennai.

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