8 Virtues all Parents Must Pursue – Part 1
Posted on: October 4, 2019.

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1. Prioritizing

When it comes to your “most important job”, to what extent to you consider it? You attend to other things such as work commitments, going to the gym, or a weekend away, but is parenting something you relegate for a later time, or do you make time for it? Looking after yourself is essential and it’s definitely important to maintain a balance in your life.

How often does parenting win, though, when there is a choice to be made?

What do you do if it comes to your favorite TV show or your child wanting to hear a bedtime story, both at the same time?

To what extent did your life change after becoming a parent?

Is parenting something you fitted into the life you had created before you became a parent?

2. Goal Setting

My son replied thus, “You should know what you want to achieve by being a parent”, when I asked him about my parenting goals. The realization set me thinking…

…“What do I want to achieve as a parent?”

…What memories of “right now”, and the time you spent with your children, do you want to have in 30 years?

…What memories do you want your children to have?

The child’s behavior—and things parents can do to shape or guide this behavior—seeks strong emphasis in many parenting programs. What about your own behavior? To be the parent you want to be, how much time do you spend?

3. Liberating

Ignoring your child or leaving him/her alone isn’t necessarily the same as “letting them be”. How much of space to learn and grow—where practical, though—do you provide your children with to develop and find out about themselves? Is the choice of dress to wear given to the young people you parent? For how much food to put on the plate from the dietary options you provide, does your child have the freedom to decide on his/her own? How is bedtime decided?

What would somebody hear if, for a day, a voice recorder was left playing in your house? Do instructions and commands characterize your communication with your child? Or is discovering the person—who is “becoming” right before your eyes—conveyed with a sense of intrigue and wonder?

4. Strengthening Relationships

How often is time for hanging out and having fun with your children, spend? Do you, on a regular basis, enjoy doing activities together with your child that both of you enjoy? Would you rather find other things to do than enjoy spending time with your children? While there will always be difficulties amidst relationships, does the strength of your relationships support your ability to resolve relational difficulties?

…continued in the next part

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