9 Tips that Fulfil your Parenting Needs! – Part 3
Posted on: October 19, 2019.

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8. Your top priority, without choice, is “Communication”

You may, as a parent, expect kids to do everything simply because “say so”, but that is not it. If we don’t want our kids to wonder about our values and motives and think we are biased, if have to take time to explain certain things to them. If kids are to grow up understanding and learning in a nonjudgmental way, parents have to reason with their kids.

Clarity in expectations should be made. Invite your child to work on a solution with you. Express your feelings, describe your problem clearly, and be sure to include the consequences, while communicating with your kid. Negotiate, and be open to your child’s suggestions as well. Children will be motivated to carry out your wishes only if they participate in the decision-making process.

9. Be a flexible parent, willing to adjust

Unrealistic parenting expectations will only result in your feeling “let down” by your child’s behavior. Child development specialists, discussions with other parents, and reading up on parenting would help parents who have unrealistic expectations like, for example, “My kid should be potty-trained by now” for an age inappropriate for being so.

By changing the environment in which kids are present, parents might be able to change their behavior, as kids’ environments have an effect on their behavior. For fewer things to be off-limits to your child, so that you don’t find yourself constantly saying “no” to your 2-year-old, look for ways to alter your surroundings in a way that will cause less frustration for both of you.

Gradually change your parenting style as your child changes. What works with your child now, probably  won’t work as well in a year or two. Role models for teens tend to appeal more from their peers than from their parents. Allow your teen to earn more independence, and also continue to provide guidance, encouragement, and appropriate discipline.

And make a connection, by seizing every available moment!


A brief recap…

  1. Give your child’s self-esteem a boost
  2. Immediately recognize any good that your child does
  3. Discipline consistently, and set limits
  4. Role-model with care
  5. Add value to time spent with kids
  6. Be known by kids for your unconditional love
  7. As a parent, know you own needs and limitations
  8. Your top priority, without choice, is “Communication”
  9. Be a flexible parent, willing to adjust

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