A Day in the Life of a Toddler!
Posted on: September 20, 2019.

Passing by the poolside, I causally paused to observe a little boy refusing to get changed for his swimming session that was causing his mother quite a bit of frustration who was trying her best to make it happen. Holding up a towel to the little boy, she said, “Just hurry up and do it!” She began to get increasingly irritated when the shy kid refused to comply with his mother’s request, as they were in the middle of a crowded poolside space and he was feeling embarrassed to change behind a towel there. Eventually, a heated argument took place and the little boy finally ran away to change in a more private place.

That very same day, in the same poolside space, another mom was reading her book while her little guy interrupted her. Wet from the pool-water, and wailing loudly, he was in a flood of tears. Looking up at her child, and putting her book down on the table, she gathered him, as he continued to wail loudly, with her wide-open arms. Mopping up his tears, she quietly listened as he sobbed out his injustice. Gradually, the little guy’s wailing quietened, he sobered up, and too a big breath. He wiped away his tears, and looking at his friends in the pool, ran away to catch up with them.

“A day in the life of a child is a rollercoaster of emotions”…

…says family and relationships coach Jo Batts.  A lot of the time, children can feel utterly overwhelmed by the highs and lows of survival. One might think that kids do not have stress and pressure as they don’t have to manage a livelihood or a household, which is only half-true. Kids do have to face the unrelenting pressure of hold up with the big kids, finding a playmate, sharing their stuff, and keeping up with their schoolwork. Besides this, they have to hold down their parents’ expectations, and manage their social media profiles.

A young person feels lost most of the time, but a parent must never really forget how growing up is such a great struggle. While some children outwardly expresses about things and has to voice out every little thing that is bothering them, others like to give you the impression that they can manage every little thing thing all by themselves. Wanting their parents to have their back and wholeheartedly believe in them is what all kids need to know, regardless of their temperament.

Affirmation for a child is everything, and while it’s one thing to care deeply for our kids, to tell them in a way that they truly understand is an entirely different thing.

An emotional tank that needs topping up!

The right kind and level of encouragement is the most effective way to ensure that the balance of your child’s emotional tank is properly topped up. To actually fill their tank with enough love, the frequency of our expectations should be well spaced.

Just like the way of learning a new language, so is the love and respect that we must show in speaking to our kids. And parents unfortunate of being at the receiving end of some ‘tough love’ would find it especially tough. When you are raising the next generation of problem solvers and game changers, it would serve you well to have a few kind lines in you pockets, for a critical time, coming in handy.

In day-to-day life, big difference would be made by keeping in mind the following response swaps—

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