Baby Veyashini Creates a World Record in just 84 Seconds!
Posted on: August 23, 2019. Comments ( 1 )

Author: Prakash Chinnathambi, father of Veyashini, Chennai

Veyashini, daughter of Mr. Prakash, is 4 years old and a UKG student at First School, Porur, Chennai.

On 5 August 2019, Veyashini created a world record…

…by correctly mentioning the names of all 49 countries in the continent of Asia, and each country’s capital city name, in just 84 seconds!

The spectacle was witnessed by the honorable Chennai District Collector, R. Seethalakshmi, and various press media.

Baby Veyashini has won a mention in the Indian Book of Records for her powerful memory and recall time, even as adults find it hard to remember a small list of groceries!

According to Veyashini’s father Prakash Chinnathambi, identifying countries and recalling their capital cities is something many children in the world can do, but ‘time limit’ was the challenge that daddy had set for his baby daughter Veyashini.

Having now applied for the Asian Book of Records, her parents told, “Our daughter had an inborn talent of remembering things. She can recognize someone whom she had met for the first time several months ago. Also, her teachers find her memory power to be extraordinary. We read an article that said a boy in Pune had memorized and listed the names of presidents of all the countries. This triggered us to try something like this with our daughter.”

Mr. Prakash further adds, “I initially started with teaching her the names of all Indian States and their respective capitals. When I asked her about it the next day, she surprised me by verbally recalling all the names correctly and that too in a short time. So, gradually I started teaching her all Asian country names and capitals. Also, Veyashini knows 90 percent names of European countries, and those of other continents as well.”

Mr. Prakash also revealed that the most challenging part of the task was the teaching process. Instead of retelling or narrating stories at bedtime, Veyashini’s parents used to teach her the names of countries and their capitals. Every next morning, the child and her parents would sit together for a memorization session for the child. They wanted the learning process to be gradual as they knew that nothing would work if they compelled a 4-year-old to do anything that hard. To make the learning process fun, Veyashini’s parents would take her to the neighborhood park and teach her while she played.

Answering the question about Veyashini’s future plans, Prakash said, “She will be turning five years of age this November. We are planning to break another record before that. She will be saying the names and capitals of all 196 countries in 4 minutes. We are confident that she will do it, and she is also capable of doing it.”

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    Veeramuthu D says:

    Congratulations Veyashini. Keep it up and all the very best for your future.

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