Breakfast for Kids: How should it be, and why?
Posted on: February 28, 2019.

Breakfast, the most critical meal of the day, is also, sadly, the most-ignored meal of the day. ‘Breakfast’ is so named as it breaks our 12-hour nighttime fasting. Thus, a healthy, sumptuous meal is required in the morning to break that fast. For kids, all of whom head of house in the morning, with an agenda packed with curricular or extracurricular activities, like school work, sports, and such, breakfast is especially important, as it gives them the required energy to face the day.

In medical terms, night is when the body does all its repair and regenerating work, for which it utilizes a lot of the body’s reserve of nutrients, particularly proteins, which need to be replenished. Thus, a protein-rich and energy-packed breakfast in the morning becomes a must. Armed with the required nutrients, children can concentrate and perform well in school, while also enjoying their day!

For kids to make healthier choices when it comes to food in general, eagerly take part in different activities, and have more energy to perform, there is no other alternative but for kids to have a good breakfast. Not having breakfast can make kids hungry at untimely hours, crave snacking, and result in unhealthy weight-gain issues due to over-eating at mealtimes. To keep a child’s weight in check, breakfast is the only thing that can help.

Getting up very late in the morning is a problem with most children, which gives them only enough time to bathe, put on their uniforms, and rush to school. Eventually it is breakfast that gets sacrificed. At such times, gulping down a glass of milk is what breakfast at the most is. Children must definitely get out of this habit. Wake them up early so that they have sufficient time to relish a healthy breakfast.

Kids quickly get bored of eating the same meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner every day. The only way to address this shortcoming would be to go kid-friendly and try different ways to do it, utilizing some creative tricks. Kids will actually look forward to having breakfast once they get used to tasty meal choices like coriander upma and sprouted moong! Our palate will soon get bored of the same cereals every day, and will begin to yearn for something vibrant and flavor-packed in the morning. Therefore, mouth-watering breakfast dishes are the best way to arouse eagerness in kids to have breakfast.

Kids love sandwiches, parathas, and wraps. A simple green peas sandwich or tomato-and-cucumber sandwich, a methi thepla wrap, or any kind of healthy, fresh, vegetable-stuffed parathas are a few no-fuss, super-tasty breakfast recipes that you could try for kids. Also, something different like corn poha for breakfast would boost their enthusiasm.

On school days when parents and children are really short of time, any variety of simple milkshake, such as Vanilla Milkshake or Bournvita Milkshake, would be the healthiest-best and quickest-consumable option that will help kids keep going until lunchtime. But going to school on an empty stomach must never happen on any pretext, as it will not only make them weak but also reduce their concentration.

An important thing that parents should help their children realize is the fact that having breakfast is healthy, and that skipping breakfast is a terrible habit. For children to continue with the good habit of having a relaxed, healthy, and sumptuous breakfast, even after they grow up, they must be trained to have breakfast in their younger days when lifetime habits get seeded in their minds. For the lifelong benefit of our children let us start or continue to practise such positive lifestyle changes.

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