Budding stage actor Satviki impresses her audience!
Posted on: January 30, 2019.

Author: Pooja Pandey Tripathi, mother of Satviki, Bangalore

Satviki Tripathi, a Std. IV student of BGS Public School, Kengeri, Bangalore, had performed in a stage play titled PTM (“Parent Teacher Meeting”) in both Hindi and English Languages, on occasion of the 70th Republic Day of India on 26 January 2019, from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Satviki’s mother Pooja Tripathi, who was also part of the cast that performed on stage, has also directed the play, which was staged at Rangasthala, Rangoli- The Metro Art Centre, MG Road, Bangalore.

It was with much excitement that Satviki’s mother introduces her latest, kids-friendly play based on parents’ approach towards children and education, and felt that she “couldn’t think of a better day than Republic Day to bring this subject to public exhibition.”

It is a satirical take on our society and very much relevant to our current social environment. It’s about how parents of school-going kids are blinded by the rat race of coming first, foster brutal competition among kids, and have unrealistic expectations from their own little children. It’s about how they burden their kids with emotional pressure and unhealthy stress, and nurture a culture of hostility instead of harmony.

What kind of future generation are we developing – insecure, materialistic, and self-centred?

Is this what we promised to our children when we first held them in our arms?

Being Theatre, the organization the co-conducted the stage play felt it was their moral responsibility to have a take on this social evil which is contagious and deadly. Being preachy isn’t their style, they say, and that they always believe in being subtle and transforming themselves into a reflective mirror, letting the audience peek at themselves and take back the message that best resonates with them. This was the reason why Pooja Tripathi had chosen the genre of satirical comedy, because as a mature adult, we should learn to laugh at ourselves.

Satviki performed in the play along with other actors such as Amit Aggarwal, Chandni Agarwal, Usha Rao, Imran Pasha, Arjit Srivastava, Yatindra Gupta, Kapil Deep, Deepti Srivastava, Sushma Deepak, Stuthi, and Veer.

Let us appreciate Satviki, her mother Pooja, and the entire team of Being Theatre, by expressing our wishes in the Comments Section below, for their commendable efforts for staging a play to generate social awareness on the struggles being faced by children and education.

For more information on Satviki’s play, visit their event page on Facebook.

Reyansh, Satviki’s brother, is also a student of BGS Public School, Bangalore.

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