Health Benefits of Mushrooms – Part 2
Posted on: April 11, 2019.

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Boosts Immune System: Mushrooms contain a powerful and unique “master-antioxidant” named ergothioneineactually an amino acid that contains sulphur, whose deficiency many people are unaware of in themselves—which is very effective in neutralizing free radicals, and also provides a major boost to the immune system. Ergothioneine helps eliminate harmful free radicals—dangerous compounds that float throughout the body, released during the metabolic processes of cells—that cause significant damage and diseases.


Natural Antibiotics: The natural antibiotics (similar to penicillin) in mushrooms—polysaccharides and beta-glucans—inhibit microbial growth and other fungal infections, and also stimulate and regulate the body’s immune system. They can also help heal ulcers and ulcerous wounds and protect them from developing infections.

Lowers Blood Pressure: Mushroom varieties like shiitake and maitake mushrooms are a rich source of potassium which acts as a vasodilator, relaxing tension in blood vessels and consequently reducing blood pressure. High blood pressure is connected to a number of deadly conditions, particularly heart attacks and strokes. Furthermore, potassium also increases cognitive function such as memory and knowledge retention, as increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain stimulates neural activity. Maitake mushroom, particularly, has potential use in the treatment of insulin resistance, singularly or combined with other natural products such as bitter melon and niacin-bound chromium.

Increases Iron Absorption: Copper, found in mushrooms, has a number of beneficial effects on the body, whose deficiency can lead to anaemia and neutropenia, as copper regulates and stimulates the absorption of iron from food, and properly utilize it by getting it released from primary storage spots in the body like the liver. The high levels of iron found in mushrooms work together with copper to promote healthy bones and also prevent anaemia.

Promotes Weight Loss: An ideal way to lose fat and build muscle mass is to follow a completely lean protein diet. Metabolism of protein in the body is catalysed by burning fat, particularly when protein is accompanied by a very low carbohydrate count and a good amount of fibre, in the absence of fat or cholesterol—this is exactly the combination that mushrooms offer to help in losing weight! Mushrooms actually rank higher than most fruits and vegetables, by virtue of their nutrient density, making them one of few rare foods that people can eat as often as possible, with no side effects. Red meat replaced by approximately one cup of white button cap mushrooms per day, facilitates the loss of significant amount of weight over a standard period of time, exhibits decreased waistline, and promotes healthy weight loss, without ballooning back to the original weight (as in most “crash diets”).

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