India’s Youngest Environmental Activist!
Posted on: November 21, 2019. Comments ( 1 )

Author: Ganesh Khanderao, father of Bodhisatva, Maharashtra

Bodhisatva Ganesh Khanderao is Std. VII student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Yavatmal, Maharashtra, who has been working on spreading awareness about the “Seed Ball Method”.

Bodhisatva has been involved, for more than six years now, and continues to dedicate his time, in a new and innovative idea of tree plantation—the Magic Socks Movement (MSM), or Green Pouch Movement—using a method known as “Seed Ball Method”, a unique technique for propagating plants/trees from seeds without having to dig up the soil with cultivation tools such as a farmer’s plough.

He works on different environmental as well as social issues. In NAVRATRI MAHOTSAV, he went to nine schools for nine days and demonstrated new, free-of-cost plantation methods to the students. He goes to different schools and teaches Water Anthem, and works for “Save Water” campaign.

His work is appreciated by a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations, and he is now known as “Seed Boy”, and has become “the youngest environmental activist in India”.

About Bodhisatva

Bodhisatva goes to schools and colleges, and teaches people how to make seed balls, and explains to them its importance.

Also read more about about this young achiever’s earlier achievement in trying to reduce the effects of global warming, by clicking the link given below.

The “Magic Socks Movement”: An Easy Way to Plant Trees!

Let us all congratulate young  Bodhisatva and encourage him to achieve more such milestones in his noble, environmentally-responsible endeavours.

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Comments (1)


    Veeramuthu D says:

    Congratulations Bodhisatva. Keep it up and do well.

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