Interesting Quiz on Mythical Creatures
Posted on: October 4, 2019.

Mythology depicts fantastic, imaginary, legendary beings!
‘Fantasize’ with our “Interesting Quiz on Mythical Creatures”.

Which mythical creature is often depicted as a white, horse-like creature with a single, long, conical horn protruding from its head, found to have been depicted in the Lascaux Caves of France dating back to 15,000 BC?





Which winged mythical creature of Asia Minor is a hybrid of a lion’s head, body, legs, and tail that ends in a serpent’s head, a goat’s head protruding from one side of its body and a dragon’s head from the other side—a female monster, capable of breathing fire?





Which mythical creature—believed to have originated in 15th century Switzerland—made its literary debut in The Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest known Western prose, a superhuman with the ability to change into a wolf, especially on the night of a full moon, either at will or due to a curse?





Which mythical creature of Hellenic or Roman origin is one of the deadliest to menace the mythological world—half-bird, half-snake, totally evil—and extremely hostile towards mankind, born from a toad or serpent's egg incubated under a cockerel, that kills any animal that looks directly into its eyes?





Correctly match the Mythical Creatures on the left with their description/information on the right—
1. Sphinx a. Front half winged eagle. Hind half lion. Tail is a long snake. Males have spikes, no wings.
2. Griffin b. Human head and lion’s body. Landmark monument of the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
3. Pegasus c. Front half winged eagle. Hind half horse.
4. Centaur d. Also, hippocentaur. Human torso, horse below the waist.
5. Hippogriff e. Winged, pure-white horse. Son of sea-god Poseidon. Vehicle of Hercules. Icon of Greek Mythology.





Which mythical creature that is half-female and half-fish is the most popular motif in fictional art forms, originating in Greece and first mentioned in 1000 BC, capable of foretelling the future, and of great power and destruction?





Which mythical creature original to the moors of Cornwall—earning the prefix ‘Cornish’—and Devon in the South of England, is conceived as diminutive in size with pointed ears, wearing tall pointed hats, and often with reddish hair, joyful sometimes, but mostly devilish mischief mongers?





Which mythical creature has the head, limbs, and clawed feet of a dinosaur, body of a serpent, scales of a crocodile, webbed wings, and a tail that ends in an arrowhead, capable of swift flight and breathing fire, symbolic of the Mouth of Hell, with Hades—god of the underworld—belching fire and smoke?





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