Quiz on Mind Powers: Telekinesis
Posted on: August 30, 2019.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to move objects by merely thinking about it?
Begin ‘divining’, with our “Quiz on Mind Powers: Telekinesis”.

“Telekinesis” is derived from the Greek words τῆλε "tēle", meaning __________, and κίνησις "kinesis", meaning __________, which refers to physical objects being lifted or shifted—without any physical manipulation—purely by the power of “mind over matter”.





Which of the following phrases completes this old joke on Telekinesis: “Who here is psychic? __________!”





According to associations of telekinesis with spirituality, a __________, such as a poltergeist, is actually not a manifestation of the deceased. It is the “unconscious release” of the deceased person's psychic anger or sorrow.





“Micro-Telekinesis” is the manipulation of __________ objects, say for instance, influencing a rolled dice to land on a particular number.





For Telekinesis to work, an unknown “Fifth Force” would have to transmit a great deal of energy to overcome the __________ force binding atoms together—to make the atoms more responsive to the Fifth Force than to the default force.





At the request of the US Army Research Institute, in 1984, the United States National Academy of Sciences formed a scientific panel, part of whose purpose was to investigate the __________ applications of telekinesis, to, say for instance, remotely jam or disrupt enemy weaponry.





Surprisingly, who among the following authors—creator of Sherlock Holmes—was convinced that Telekinesis was real?





Which of the following movies is the best on the subject of Telekinesis?





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