Quiz on Mind Powers: Telepathy
Posted on: September 13, 2019.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to directly exchange thoughts with another?
Begin ‘divining’, with our “Quiz on Mind Powers: Telepathy”.

Telepathy is the ability of an endowed few to actively exchange, across large distances, thoughts or emotions with the minds of others, without being __________ with them.





It has long been believed that __________ develop telepathic abilities, and that __________ are considered more telepathic than men, due to their emotional state.





Messages in which of the following forms can be communicated through telepathic channels?
I. Ideas, not necessarily in the form of words
II. Images
III. Emotions
IV. Physical sensations such as pain or smells





Establishing telepathic contact is more likely to occur when the practitioner is in __________ state. For a telepathic connection to be functional—being able to send and receive understandable messages—the communicating members must share a strong mutual bond.





__________ is a phenomenon in which participating subjects, in a state of deep or hypnotic sleep, can very easily communicate with each other through a telepathic channel, by virtue of their weakened mental barriers in this state.





While telepathy is regarded as a psychic or mystic phenomenon in the modern world, it is, in fact, a normal human ability among __________.





__________, an astronaut in the 1971 Apollo 14 space mission, proved to be in telepathic communication with four people on earth. He randomly thought of 25 numbers to form 200 different sequences, and two of the recipients on Earth guessed 51 of them correctly in the same order!





To master the skill of telepathy, a practitioner needs to train to free the mind of heavy emotions and feelings, and circulate the energy amongst the three telepathic chakras, situated in the __________, __________, and __________.





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