Quiz on Mind Powers: Teleportation
Posted on: November 1, 2019.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to transport with mind power?
Begin ‘divining’, with our “Quiz on Mind Powers: Teleportation

From the below options, identify the phrases that constitute the scientific meaning of teleportation—
I.     hypothetical/theoretical concept
II.     movement of material/objects
III.     instantaneously, from
IV.     without physically traversing the distance between them





The concept of teleportation is widely mentioned throughout history, in various forms and versions, but the term “teleportation” was first coined by __________, an American writer, in 1931.





Teleportation requires objects to travel at the speed of __________ in order to be transferred instantaneously from one location to another, which many scientists agree is impossible to achieve.





If an object or human is to be teleported, it is, in effect, analogous to being __________ at one location and then __________ at other location, making it impossible to record with perfect accuracy.





The term “teleportation” is used to describe the travel into new dimensions, or “__________”, though most theories of this concept believe that physical travel is not possible between different dimensions.





__________, an 1897 novel by Fred T. Jane, is an early example of scientific teleportation, where the protagonist is transported from a strange-looking, mechanized gazebo on Earth to planet Venus.





Teleportation—or movement without physical displacement—violates the “Laws of __________”, a cornerstone of physics.





Which of the following statements are true regarding “teleportation”?
I.    Physical matter temporarily de-materialized into etheric matter
and moved to another location before being re-materialized.

II.    Teleported object is energized with sufficient vibratory energy
to allow molecules to separate out into their constituent 1-atoms.

III.    1-atoms will recombine to assume their original form as soon as
the energy is withdrawn, provided the teleported object’s etheric template is not damaged.

IV.    Medieval alchemists turned any metal to gold by reducing the metal
to the atomic state before rearranging the 1-atoms into the molecular structure of gold.





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