Quiz on the Indian Transport Industry
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Did you know that Indian Railways serviced 822.5 crore passengers in 2015?

‘Move on’, with our “Quiz on the Indian Transport Industry”.

India’s total road network length of more than 5.6 million kilometres as of 2017—the world’s second-largest road network—transports __________ per cent of all goods in the country, and __________ per cent of its total passenger traffic.





As of FY2018, the total length of India’s National Highways measured 1.22 lakh kilometres, and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways aims to further complete __________ more kilometres, at a cost of INR 5.35 lakh crore, by the year __________.





Which working project is under progress to equip the National Highways in India with four lanes, with further plans to upgrade certain NH stretches to six lanes?





The Mumbai-Pune Expressway—India’s first operational expressway—opened to public in the year __________, and while all National Highways are metalled, the Mumbai-Pune Expressway is the most notable of very few highways constructed of __________.





Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Indian Road Transport Industry came to a total value of US$ __________ billion between April 2000 and June 2018.





The Indian logistics industry—which provides employment to more than 22 million people!—is currently worth around US$ 160 billion is likely to touch US$ __________ billion in 2020, with the implementation of GST (Goods and Services Tax).





Correctly match the items in the column on the left with those in the column on the right.
1. Total Network Length a. 7,421
2. Number of Daily Passenger Trains b. 23 million
3. Number of Daily Freight Trains c. 115,000 kilometers
4. Number of Railway Stations d. 3 million tonnes
5. Number of Daily Travelers e. 12,617
6. Volume of Daily Freight f. 7,349





In 2023, the Indian Railways (IR) will be the world’s third-largest railway market, accounting for __________ per cent of the global market, becoming one of the country's biggest employers, capable of generating one million jobs.





Correctly match the items in the column on the left with those in the column on the right.
1. Number of Commercial Aircraft a. 65 million passengers
2. Domestic Air Passenger Traffic b. 2.143 billion tonnes
3. International Air Passenger Traffic c. 588
4. Domestic Air Freight Volume d. 102
5. International Air Freight Volume e. 243 million passengers
6. Number of Operational Airports f. 1.213 billion tonnes





Correctly match the items in the column on the left with those in the column on the right.
1. Number of Major Ports a. Tamil Nadu – Ennore, Chennai, Tuticorin
2. % volume of trade by Maritime Transport b. 485 kilometers
3. Only Indian State with three ports c. 12
4. Total Navigable Length of Rivers d. 7,517 kilometers
5. Total Navigable Length of Canals e. 95
6. Total Length of National Coastline f. 5,200 kilometers





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