Quiz on the International Borders of India
Posted on: October 19, 2019.

Pakistan. China. Nepal. Bhutan. Bangladesh. Myanmar. Sri Lanka.
‘Draw the line’, with our “Quiz on the International Borders of India”.

Wagah Border in Punjab is India’s international border with __________, and lies on the Grand Trunk Road between Amritsar and Lahore, where the ceremony “Beating the Retreat” happens, that evokes a feeling of patriotism among those who witness it?





Moreh Border in Manipur is India’s international border with __________, also known as the “Friendship Gate” between the two countries, which tourists visit to enjoy people’s hustle-bustle of daily life.





The Nathu-La Pass in Sikkim is India’s international border with __________, that tourists visit to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the region, which also used to be a trade route between India and Tibet.





Dawki-Tamabil in Meghalaya—a nature lovers’ paradise, widely sought for its spectacular sights—is India’s international border with __________, also known as “the friendliest border”.





Sunauli Border in Uttar Pradesh, India’s international border with __________, is a well-known transit point between the two neighbouring countries, visited by tourists to witness the busy streets and watch people immersed in the hustle-bustle of daily life.





Which place in Tamil Nadu—at the tip of Pamban Island—marks the international land border between India and Sri Lanka, separated from India’s mainland by the Palk Strait?





Jaigaon in West Bengal marks the international border of India with __________ at Phuntsholing—the most important border trading point, catering to around 90 per cent of bilateral trade—and the single entry point for foreign nationals of both countries.





Pangong Lake in Ladakh—“the world’s highest saltwater lake” at a surface elevation of 4,250 metres, and 134 kilometres long—shares the international border between India and __________, uniquely spectacular for its changing colour ability, alternating between shades of blue, green, and red!





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